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7th A/H1N1 fatality in Costa Rica

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  • 7th A/H1N1 fatality in Costa Rica


    Seventh fatality by the pandemic in the country
    Obese patients and smokers dies of flu AH1N1
    Man of 24 years died three days after being hospitalized
    81 patients with severe pneumonia are placed
    Marcela Cantero |
    Published: 2009/07/15

    Obese patients who smoked a half pack of cigarettes a day became the seventh fatality of influenza AH1N1.

    The death was confirmed yesterday by the Health Ministry after receiving the laboratory examination of this man of 24 years.


    * EBAIS Alajuela restricts hours for colds
    * Close in childcare is conditioned
    * Catholic Church and Health engripados request not to attend the pilgrimage

    Authorities still waiting for the results of eighth death with a table of this type of suspect influenza.

    In addition, there are 81 patients hospitalized with severe pneumonia of whom have suspected an infection caused by this new type of virus.

    Health now processes the samples from these patients to know which were infected with the virus AH1N1.

    On the new death, the Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila, it was reported that the patient with breathing (casing) in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital Josefina.

    Avila added that the man admitted on Thursday, July 9 with severe pneumonia.

    "He died on Saturday July 11 by a further deterioration, and multiple organ failure," he added.

    Avila said that his status as obesity and smoking, complicate the infection.

    "Smokers and morbidly obese patients are at risk, they can get complicated if the flu virus AH1N1," said the hierarch.

    Among the seven deaths recorded that Costa Rica had obese, smokers, diabetics and hypertensives.

    In four of these deaths dominated obesity, also saw the death of a pregnant twins.

    Only in one case there were no risk factors in the background of the patient for influenza AH1N1.

    On alert. To date, the country is experiencing a peak of cases of pandemic flu AH1N1.

    The last report of the Ministry of Health reports that 428 Costa Ricans have been infected with this virus, since the first case report, on April 24.

    In the last four weeks, Health found over half of the 428 cases confirmed through 11 weeks of emergency.

    During this period, there were also six of the seven deaths from the flu.

    Faced with this situation, health authorities considered it appropriate to delay the July 27 return to class, to protect children and adolescents.

    The measure was announced on Monday, and applies to public and private schools throughout the country.

    The Ministry of Education reported that the date did not vary from the Baccalaureate tests and ruled out extending the school year beyond December 18.