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Central America Deaths: Tally

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  • Central America Deaths: Tally

    Central America Deaths

    Costa Rica (11 confirmed as of 7/17)

    1. Male, 53 yrs. On May 9th. (Here)

    2. Female, 35 yrs. Died 6/22. Reported 6/29. "entered the emergency department of a hospital savita with severe pneumonia. The patient died in less than 24 hours while doctors installed artificial respiration." "She suffered from hypertension and morbid obesity. The latter means that evil was between 50% and 70% more than the recommended weight, which would affect the lungs. The person came to the hospital in critical condition and had no history of having been in contact with other infected Avila continued." Here

    3. Male, 55yrs. Died 7/1. Reported 7/4. "The third victim of the deadly virus had a chronic lung disease. He was taken to the San Juan de Dios hospital, where he died the previous Wednesday. He was a man of 55 years, who smoked for 42 years of his life. Here

    4. Female, 45 yrs. Died 7/4. Reported 7/7. She "resided in the city of Heredia, 10 kilometers west of the capital." No underlying conditions reported as yet. Here

    5. Juana Bodán Mayorquín , Female; 25 yrs. Reported 7/12 Died 7/11. 5 mos. pregnant. "The fetuses died a few hours before Bodán's death.“She received all the medical attention … in the hospital, but her pregnancy and obesity are risk factors that really complicate the condition of a patient with this virus,” María Luisa Avila told La Nación." Also, "presented fever for five days a lot of room in his house in San Jose. Finally, on July 2, took his wife to the clinic because she suffered from Solon Nunez great difficulty breathing. Gaitan said that day was taken to Emergency Hospital San Juan de Dios. In the medical center, the patient was a few days in isolation, but admitted on Saturday, July 4 at the Intensive Care Unit. "He was intubated because he could not breathe, and was unconscious," said Gaitan. Finally the woman died yesterday in a septic shock caused by pneumonia, a hallmark of the infection AH1N1." Here

    6. Male, 44 yrs. Reported 7/13. Here

    7. Male; 24 yrs. Reported 7/15. Died 7/11. He was an obese patient who smoked a half pack of cigarettes a day. "...the man admitted on Thursday, July 9 with severe pneumonia." Here

    "He died on Saturday July 11 by a further deterioration, and multiple organ failure," he added.

    8. Male; 20 yrs. Reported 7/15. Died 7/14. This was a man"who had congenital problems and a chest 'restrictive' which makes breathing difficult to be affected by the virus, and was fed through a tube..." See post #29 Here He might have had cerebral palsy (poor translation) See post #30 Here

    9. Male; 51 yrs. Reported 7/16. He "suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure." See post #30 Here

    10&11. Male; 40 yrs. & Woman. Reported 7/17. Died 7/16&7/17 respectively. '"They were hypertensive, and smokers with asthma," explained the chief." Here

    El Salvador ( 5 confirmed cases as of 7/15)

    1. Male, 9 yrs. Died 7/1. Reported 7/2. ""the patient resided in Ciudad Delgado, one of the most populous municipalities of San Salvador, Wednesday died yesterday at 10:00 am at the Hospital de Niños Benjamin Bloom. "The child received medical care in a health unit in the public system, when he was three days of a catarrhal process, but clinical manifestations secondary to pneumonia increased with a flu, which is why we consulted the Hospital de Niños Benjamin Bloom, being classified as pneumonia, which was prescribed antibiotics and control, "says the source. He adds that the family took the child to a private hospital. He was hospitalized, but died in less than 24 hours. The deadly diagnosis has been identified as "septic shock secondary to bronchopneumonia", that means a very severe pneumonia, fulminant evolution, says." Here

    2. Female, 5 mos. Reported 7/9. Died 7/7. She was "from the Canton Ojos de Agua of Huizúcar, La Libertad...The girl from Ojos de Agua had complications from heart disease. Here

    3. Female, 9 mos. Reported 7/9. Died 7/5. She was "from the Canton Granadillas if La Libertad. Here

    4. Child; 8 mos. Reported 7/14. Died 7/13. The baby "...died yesterday at Hospital Benjamin Bloom, a few hours after being admitted from the hospital Zacatecoluca. The patient died of pneumonia and initial indications suggest that the causative agent is the virus H1N1. Eduardo Suarez Castaneda, an adviser to the Ministry of Health, said that the patient suffered a cardiac arrest in the Emergency Service. It was stabilizing, but as he entered the Intermediate Care Unit and underwent another died." Here I AM ASSUMING THIS IS CASE#4

    5. Female. Reported 7/16. "is a girl originally from the southern department of La Paz, who was admitted two days ago at City National Children Hospital Benjamin Bloom (HNBB)..."

    Guatemala (2 cases confirmed)*
    1. Male, 12 yrs. Death reported on June 11th. (Here)

    2. No data on the second which was reported 7/13. See post #16 Here

    Honduras (1 confirmed)
    1. Female 23 yrs. Death reported as confirmed June 22nd. She was from Santa Rosa de Copán; 6 weeks pregnant and was suffering from a pulmonary bronchitis when hospitalized. She died mid-June, "several days after being discharged from a hospital in the western city of Santa Rosa de Copan"...she ", had been hospitalized for several weeks was in the public hospital in Santa Rosa de Copan, and the first examinations to be performed were negative." Here

    2.**8 Mario Revas, Male, 2 yrs. "admitted to hospital last Friday night and died in the isolation room of the center on Saturday at noon, after being 12 hours on mechanical ventilation. The child came from Arena Blanca, El Progreso, Yoro. Here

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    Re: Central America Deaths: Tally

    Updated today. If I am missing any, please let me know. Check daily for updates...this is a sticky so wont appear on latest posts.