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Activate Dominican Epidemiological Warning System

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  • Activate Dominican Epidemiological Warning System

    Noticias de lo que pasa en Latinoamérica y del Mundo, desarrolladas minuto a minuto desde las redacciones y corresponsalías de Prensa Latina.

    Spanish to English translation

    Activate Dominican Epidemiological Warning System
    Santo Domingo, May 18 (Prensa Latina) The Public Health Ministry reported today that the Dominican activated Epidemiological Warning System to prevent the emergence of epidemics as a result of heavy rains in recent weeks.

    A statement issued by the Ministry states that adopted this preventive measure in view of the vulnerability of certain neighborhoods and communities after the rains.

    The important thing, says the note, is to keep the situation under control the epidemic in all provinces of the country.

    Failure to take such measures, says the Ministry, there is a risk of emerging diseases such as dengue, malaria, leptospirosis and other gastrointestinal origin.

    We have given the instructions, says the text, to face any eventuality and to avoid the occurrence of illness and death from lack of prevention.

    The Regional Health Services and the Provincial are concentrating their efforts on that task and any other health event that may arise.

    Besides the rain, said factors in addition to other deficiencies such as inadequate waste collection service, vacant lots where there is debris in which water accumulates and the water storage in households without a lid.

    Health officials urge people to remain calm because they are attentive to attend all those people who need it.

    No figures have been killed, but some media reported that the capacities in hospitals have been overwhelmed.