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St. Martin (Fr) Covid-19 - 256 cases; 6 deaths

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    62 cases:


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      16 hrs

      [Covid 19 - Health bulletin from August 5 to 8]

      In Saint-Martin, 16 new cases were recorded, bringing to 78 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR tests (including 3 secondary cases and 13 indigenous).
      255 additional tests were carried out in town and at the hospital, with a total number of 1,770 tests carried out in the territory. 44 people are declared cured.
      A patient was taken care of at the Hospital Center and transferred to intensive care in Guadeloupe. Another person is hospitalized at Louis Constant Fleming Hospital.

      In Saint-Barth?lemy, 3 new cases (1 indigenous, 1 imported and a secondary) were recorded, bringing to 13 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR tests.
      93 additional tests were carried out, with a total number of 1612 tests carried out in the territory. 6 people are declared cured.

      The Saint-Martin screening campaign has so far made it possible to perform 511 tests for people who have come forward voluntarily. It has already made it possible to screen 11 people since the beginning. There is therefore a reservoir of virus in the territory and it is essential not to relax in the application of barrier measures and in the wearing of masks as well as in the limitation of movements between the two parts of the island in order to limit the spread of the virus. This campaign will continue next week.

      The ARS continues to closely monitor the monitoring indicators put in place for the monitoring of deconfinement.
      -The incidence which measures the number of people positive for COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over a period of one week. Two thresholds are set, a vigilance threshold of 10/100 000 inhabitants and an alert threshold of 50 / 100,000 inhabitants. A high incidence rate reflects the development of clusters or active viral circulation. The incidence is 39.39 in Saint-Martin and 31.27 in Saint-Barth?lemy, which remains below the alert threshold.

      -The positivity rate which measures the number of people detected COVID-19 / number of tests carried out over a week. It must be below 10% for the indicator to stay green. It is 2.39% in Saint-Martin and 1.86%% in Saint-Barth?lemy.

      The ARS reminds you to protect yourself, so you will protect others!
      The virus does not take a vacation! Respect the barrier gestures and wear your mask because the people you meet can be carriers of the virus!

      The COVID -19 epidemic should not make us forget the dengue fever, which is still present: let's destroy our breeding grounds!

      Information number: 0 800 130 000
      24/24 - 7/7


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        84 cases; 4 deaths:


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          92 cases; 4 deaths:


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                    256 cases; 6 deaths: