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Panama: Covid-19 cases- 35,237 cases, 667 deaths

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    Panama brings COVID-19 deaths to 330 and accumulates 13,018 infections
    Starting on June 1, block 2 of economic activities will open
    Odalis Núñez • May 30, 2020 - 06:02 PM

    Panama counts 330 deaths from COVID-19 and with 352 new cases, the country accumulates 13,018 contagions of the virus nationwide, as reported by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

    "135 cases were included in the accumulated total, between May 20 and 27, as they were notified late by the Social Security Fund (CSS)," a statement from the entity detailed.

    According to the epidemiological report of this Saturday, May 30, 9,414 recovered patients are reported.

    To date, the total number of patients in home isolation is 2,924 (539 of them in hotels), and another 350 are hospitalized (272 in the ward and 78 in intensive care).


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      Panama accumulates 344 deaths and 13,837 cases of coronavirus
      Nimay González • Jun 1, 2020 - 05:37 PM

      The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported that for this Monday, June 1, deaths from the new coronavirus increased to 344, while the number of confirmed cases rose to 13,837, with a total of 374 new cases.

      Of the patients infected with COVID-19, there are currently a total of 3,596 in home isolation, of which 579 are in hotels, 305 are hospitalized in the ward, and there are 78 in intensive care units.

      The Minsa added that there are also 9,514 cases of patients who have recovered clinically.

      To date, 68,635 tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, of which 52,428 are new tests.

      Regarding the number of deaths according to age group, he pointed out that there are 6 deaths in children under 20; from 20 to 39 count 25; from 40 to 59 there are 68; from 60 to 79 162 are registered and in older than 80 there are 83 deceased.

      She added that regarding the number of cases according to age group, the specialist indicated that in children under 20 there are 1,414 cases; from 20 to 39, 6,104 cases were registered; from 40 to 59 there are 4,487; from 60 to 79 account for 1,546; and in over 80,286 cases.

      It is worth mentioning that Panama started this Monday the opening of the second block of economic activities, which includes priority public construction projects, non-metallic mining and all industries dedicated to the manufacture or manufacture of products, places of worship, parks , sports areas and social areas.

      In addition, as of today, the absolute quarantine that restricted mobility by gender and according to the ID number to two hours a day, is replaced by a 7:00 p.m. curfew. at 5:00 a.m. for adults, while minors can only be mobilized between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. accompanied by their parents or a person in charge.

      The Ministry of Health reiterates to companies that they must seek to comply with the measures and protocols established to safeguard the safety of the general population.


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        Panama registers 352 deaths from COVID-19 and 14,095 accumulated cases
        Teiga Castrellón • Jun 2 2020 - 06:19 PM

        The report of the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) of this June 2 on the situation of COVID-19 in the country indicates that deaths increased to 352, and the number of accumulated positive cases rose to 14,095, with 258 new cases .
        Panama has 352 deaths from COVID-19 and 14,095 accumulated cases. Reporting rangefinder

        Eight deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

        The report indicates that there are 3,842 in home isolation, of which 598 are in hotels, 391 are hospitalized; 314 are in the ward and there are 77 in intensive care units.

        Regarding the clinically recovered patients, the Minsa stated that there are 9,514.

        The Ministry reports that to date in Panama some 69,483 tests have been performed to detect COVID-19, of which 848 are new tests.

        Among the countries of the region such as Chile, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, among others, Panama is the third country with the highest number of tests carried out per 100,000 people; while its case fatality rate is 2.5.


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          Panama reports 514 cases of Covid-19, the largest increase in one day

          The Minsa reported that the first stage of treatment through convalescent plasma has ended and the evaluation of the patients will begin.
          By Ismael Gordón Guerrel
          Updated 06/03/2020 19:27

          The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported 514 new cases of Covid-19 to reach 14,609 accumulated. The figure reaches three days after the reactivation of the second block begins.

          "The same in 43% correspond to the conglomerates identified in Panama City, which would indicate the need to implement an asymmetric normality," said the Ministry in the statement.

          In home isolation there are 4,331 people, 357 deceased, since 402 are hospitalized divided into 327 in the ward and 75 in intensive care.

          Today's cut, Wednesday, June 3, a cumulative total of 14,609 are reported, of which 65.2% (9,519) are recovered.

          The Minsa reported that the deceased is broken down as follows: five males between 58 and 81 years old, with diseases such as diabetes and cerebrovascular disease.

          On the other hand, this Thursday will begin the evaluation of patients with moderate and severe disease, to receive convalescent plasma treatment. The Minsa reported that the first studies of convalescent plasma treatment in Covid-19 positive patients have already been completed in Panama, and the results were satisfactory.

          This therapy, in other latitudes, has turned out to be potentially effective and safe, since the Minsa and the Panamanian Society of Hematology invite the population, especially those recovered from Covid-19 to support the blood donation campaign to continue with this strategy.

          In addition, in this process of new normality, the Minsa reinforces its strategy for monitoring Covid-19 patients by reinforcing the use of the Protect yourself with health application in the most affected townships.

          This application, which is supported by the Government Innovation Authority (AIG), provides nationwide monitoring of positive patients and their environment.

          The MINSA medical corps continuously monitors these patients in collaboration with the National Civil Protection System.

          The Minsa reiterated to the population and the transport sector to ensure that the prevention measures of the Covid-19 are complied with, so avoiding crowds in particular in the lines to get on the buses, so it is necessary to avoid the spread of this deadly virus through physical distancing.

          In this situation, the Minsa sent a note to the Albrook Transportation Terminal in which they were reminded that the control points in the interior of the Republic are still in force.


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            Panama registers 363 deaths from COVID-19 and 15,044 accumulated cases
            The Ministry of Health asks citizens to continue to maintain preventive measures to mitigate the spread of the new coronavirus
            Teiga Castrellón • Jun 4 2020 - 06:31 PM

            The report of the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) indicated that this Thursday, June 4, 435 new infections of coronavirus are registered, with which the total number of accumulated cases rises to 15,044 throughout the country.

            The number of deaths from COVID-19 increased to 363, after six new deaths occurred in the last 24 hours.

            In home isolation there are about 4,664 patients, of whom 572 are in hotel-hospitals and in the intensive care unit there are 77 patients. Statistics show that a total of 9,619 people have recovered clinically.

            So far in Panama there have been some 72,697 tests, and in the last 24 hours 1,558 new tests have been made.

            The number of cases per region shows a predominance in sectors such as Panamá Metro, Panamá Oeste, San Miguelito, Panamá Norte and Veraguas, the latter being associated with the cluster that exists in the Santiago prison.


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              Panama adds 419 new cases and 370 deaths from Covid-19
              The Ministry of Health confirmed that to date the country registers a total of 15,463 accumulated infections
              By Juan Alberto Cajar B.
              Updated 06/05/2020 17:58

              Health authorities gave this Friday the balance of epidemiological figures for the Covid-19 outbreak: about 419 new infections in the last 24 hours. These are added to the total accumulated cases, which now total about 15,463 since the first patient was officially reported on March 9.

              To date some 370 people have died in the country from the new coronavirus.

              Regarding the state of the patients, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) specified that some 4,964 people remain in home isolation, 607 in hotels, 333 are hospitalized in the ward, 77 in the intensive care units and some 9,718 recovered.

              In a statement released on social networks, the entity indicated that of the 74,231 tests applied, 56,277 were negative, with 1,534 new tests.

              The entity also indicated that for the mobilization towards the interior of the country only safe conducts will be admitted for humanitarian reasons. Any other intraprovincial transit permit must be issued by the respective authority according to the activity to be carried out.


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                Panama exceeds 16 thousand cases and adds 386 deaths due to COVID-19
                Linda Batista • Jun 6, 2020 - 06:27 PM

                Panama records 386 deaths from COVID-19 and with 541 new cases, increases its number of infections to 16,004, as indicated by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

                According to the epidemiological report of this June 6, of the total of infected patients about 5,095 are in home isolation (623 of them in hotels), and another 405 are hospitalized (323 in the ward and 82 in intensive care).


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                  COVID-19 in Panama: cases add 16,854 to 91 days from the first infection
                  At the closing of this Monday, June 8, 10,401 recovered patients and 398 deaths were registered, according to the Ministry of Health
                  The Panama Star
                  By Ismael Gordón Guerrel
                  Updated 06/08/2020 19:00

                  Panama registered 429 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, for a total of 16,854 positives, the Ministry of Health reported.

                  In home isolation 5,628 are reported. 398 people have died and 340 hospitalized in the ward and 87 in intensive care were recorded.

                  At the close of this Monday, June 8, 10,401 recovered patients were registered. The head of epidemiology of the Minsa, Lourdes Moreno, explained that the mortality rate in Panama is 2.4.

                  Health authorities detailed that currently there are 200 thousand masks. In parallel, the purchase of more than 100,000 N-95 masks was ordered and an additional 500,000 masks will be purchased.

                  To prevent the spread of COVID-19, basic safety measures must be maintained, such as physical distancing, frequent washing of hands with soap and water, and the correct use of masks, tools to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.


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                    Source: 2937489.html

                    Deaths from COVID-19 in Panama reach 403, there are 17,233 cases in total
                    COVID-19 cases continue to rise, authorities reiterate call to stay home
                    Linda Batista • Jun 9, 2020 - 06:37 PM

                    Deaths from COVID-19 in Panama increased to 403, while with 379 new cases, the number of infections rose to 17,233, according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa) this Tuesday, June 9.

                    According to the epidemiological report, of the total of infected patients about 5,814 are in home isolation (692 of them in hotels), and another 455 are hospitalized (365 in the ward and 90 in intensive care).
                    With 379 new cases, Panama exceeds 17 thousand accumulated cases and 403 deaths. TR

                    To date, 10,561 clinically recovered patients are reported.

                    According to the age group, patients with ages between 20 and 59 years continue to be the most affected in terms of infection, however, most deaths correspond to those over 60 years of age. In addition, every 10 hospitalized patients have a risk factor.

                    Since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the country, a total of 80,720 COVID-19 tests have been performed, of which 60,899 have been negative.

                    Most affected areas

                    The areas that continue to present worrying levels of positive COVID-19 cases are Panamá Oeste, Panamá Metro, San Miguelito and Veraguas.

                    Below are the corregimientos with the highest rate of cases:

                    Metropolitan area: Pacora, December 24, Tocumen, Curundú, El Chorrillo, Las Cumbres, Alcalde Díaz, Las Mañanitas, Pedregal, Calidonia and Don Bosco.
                    San Miguelito District: Belisario Porras, Amelia Denis De Icaza, Arnulfo Arias and Belisario Frías.
                    West Panama: Arraiján Cabecera, Burunga and Vista Alegre are the areas with the most cases.

                    While Río Abajo, Juan Díaz, Chepo, Omar Torrijos, San Francisco and Bethania, are the areas that enter this list by doubling cases in the last week.

                    Behavior of the epidemic curve

                    As explained by Dr. Rodrigo DeAntonio, member of the COVID-19 advisory team, the average number of cases per day is 350, the number of tests is 1,400, and the rate of positive cases is close to 30%.

                    He explained that three weeks after the opening of Block 1 and now with Block 2, an increase in the contagion rate was observed, which at this time is 1.44.

                    He added that the number of cases in hospitalization increased to 400 per day, however the number of patients in the ICU remains below 100.

                    According to DeAntonio, the doubling time for COVID-19 cases in Panama increased from 18 days to 20 days this week.


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                      Panama reports 656 new cases of COVID-19, the highest number in a single day
                      The number of cases skyrocketed two days after the curfew was restored. The Government announced today that the Modular Hospital will be occupied from tomorrow
                      By Ismael Gordón Guerrel
                      Updated 06/10/2020 18:25

                      Panama will open the modular hospital this Thursday, June 11, the day after 656 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, the highest record in a single day. Until then, 2,054 new tests were carried out, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported at the conference on Wednesday.

                      The authorities report a total of 17,889 positive cases accumulated to date, which corresponds to 6,499 people who currently suffer from the disease caused by the virus.

                      The accumulated deaths add up to 413, of which 10 were registered this Wednesday. Meanwhile, 472 patients were hospitalized in the ward. In home isolation, 6,027 and in intensive care, 91 patients.

                      The Ministry of Health reported that 9 of the 10 deaths reported had risk factors such as age, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

                      "It is emphasized to the population to maintain strict compliance with hygiene measures, which include the mandatory use of masks, hand washing and, above all, staying at home," said Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Sucre.

                      The Minsa reiterated the importance of taking actions to avoid contagion at lunchtime in work areas. Therefore, at lunchtime do not do it near other people.

                      "To eat the food, you will have to remove the mask, it is better to do it with places separated by more than two meters apart. Alternating the occupied chairs with the empty chairs helps us to improve prevention, and not to share the containers with food," explained Sucre. during the report rendered the afternoon of this June 10.


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                        Panama reports 697 new cases of Covid-19, the highest number in a single day
                        Accumulated deaths total 418, of which 5 correspond to today
                        By Ismael Gordón Guerrel
                        Updated 06/11/2020 18:25

                        Panama reported 697 new cases of Covid-19, the highest number in a single day. Yesterday, 656 cases were reported.

                        The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported, in its epidemiological report, that with the new cases there are a total of 18,586 positive cases accumulated to date. The Minsa explained that 2,233 tests were carried out

                        The accumulated deaths add up to 418, of which 5 correspond to the day.

                        In home isolation, 6,605 people were reported, while 486 were hospitalized, distributed in 390 in the ward and 96 Intensive Care.

                        The Minsa issued resolution number 509 of June 11, 2020 that declares a sanitary fence in the Iber-Gun community of the township of Cristóbal in the province of Colón.

                        The measure is implemented to stop the increase in cases of Covid-19 transmission and thus be able to carry out the corresponding health interventions within the established protocols.

                        The Deputy Minister of Health, Javier Sucre, reported that the “Minsa does not have any report on the alleged acquisition of contaminated evidence for Covid-19, so the population is reminded that issuing false information is a crime punishable by law. "

                        Given the information that has circulated on social networks, the vice minister of Health explained that the pertinent investigations will be initiated and the corresponding criminal complaints will be presented.

                        Likewise, the regional directors have been instructed to continue carrying out operations to verify compliance with the correct use of masks and support to companies so that they comply with the biosafety mechanisms of blocks 1 and 2.

                        Likewise, it is recommended that to avoid contagion in the public transport system it is important not to forget the use of masks or face masks.

                        Also, when traveling in the public transport system avoid touching surfaces and to do so try to use alcohol-based gel.


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                          Panama adds 625 new cases of COVID-19 and accumulates 19,211 infections
                          Linda Batista • Jun 12, 2020 - 06:17 PM

                          With 625 new cases and 3 deaths, Panama reaches 19,211 COVID-19 infections and 421 deaths nationwide, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported.

                          According to the epidemiological report, a total of 4,537 patients are in home isolation (695 are confined in hotels), while another 494 are hospitalized (390 in ward, 96 in intensive care and 8 in Modular Hospital).

                          There are 5,031 active cases, that is, patients who are ill and in recovery and 13,759 clinically recovered.

                          Regarding the new deaths registered, it was known that they correspond to patients older than 60 years, with comorbidities.

                          Since the first coronavirus case was reported in the country, a total of 87,041 COVID-19 tests have been performed.

                          The case fatality rate in Panama is 2.2%, according to Israel Cedeño, director of the Metropolitan Health Region.

                          For his part, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Sucre, reiterated the curfew established from 5:00 p.m. Saturday, June 13 until 5:00 a.m. on Monday the 15th, and insisted that the population continue to implement measures such as physical distance, constant hand washing and the correct use of masks, which are efficient in eradicating COVID-19.

                          According to Sucre, the Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, delivered 15,000 rapid tests today, to look for more positives in different sectors of the capital.

                          The health authorities make the call to the population, before the symptoms of cough and fever, go to the nearest health centers, health centers, the executing units of the Social Security Fund (CSS) or call the line 169. In the same way when faced with symptoms of respiratory distress, call 911 for immediate transfer and receive medical attention.


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                            Panama accumulates 21,422 cases of infections and 448 deaths from COVID-19
                            06/16/2020 02:47

                            Panama, Jun 15 (EFE) .- The authorities of Panama registered 736 new infections and 11 deaths on Monday from COVID-19, which brought the infections to 21,422 and 448 deaths from the disease, detected on March 9.

                            There are 551 hospitalized patients, 102 in intensive care units (ICU) and 449 in general wards, and 6,657 in home isolation, 833 of them in medicalized hotels.

                            Those recovered from the disease caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus number 13,766, that is, 64.3% of those affected, according to official data.

                            The 11 deaths reported this Monday had risk factors, such as the case of a minor with Down syndrome, obesity and kidney and heart failure, authorities said.

                            A total of 93,646 tests have been carried out to detect the new coronavirus, of which 24,119 (26%) have been positive. In the last 24 hours, 2,009 tests were applied, which brought the rate to 21,887 of these carried out per million inhabitants.

                            The Vice Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, highlighted that 85% of the new positive cases have been detected in the provinces of Panama, which includes the capital, and the adjoining Panama West, where outbreaks of the disease were identified and in Consequently, strong restrictions on mobility remain.

                            Panama is experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 with record numbers of daily cases in the last week, which led the authorities to reimplant mobility restrictions by gender and identification number from June 8 in the capital and in Panama West, the most populous provinces in the country.

                            The vice minister also reported that two private companies donated 19 fans to the State for use in hospitals.

                            On the other hand, the Government announced on Monday an alliance with the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE) and the Coursera platform so that 250,000 Panamanians affected by the pandemic can carry out 3,800 virtual courses and 400 specializations.

                            The Government distributes food bags and a 70 euros monthly bonus to a part of those affected by the pandemic, which will bring down the economy of Panama by at least 2% this year and will trigger unemployment and informality, which before the crises stood at 7.1% and 44.9%, respectively.

                            Panama divided its economic reopening into six blocks, two of which, involving fishing, internet sales, industry, banking and technical services, were activated on May 13 and June 1. EFE


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                              Ministerio de Salud de Panamá

                              Compartimos la actualización de datos sobre el #COVID19 en nuestro país. Miércoles 17 de junio de 2020. Parte 1. #ProtégetePanamá #UnidosVenceremos
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                                Ministerio de Salud de Panamá

                                Compartimos la actualización de datos sobre el #COVID19 en nuestro país. Jueves 18 de junio de 2020. Parte 1. #ProtégetePanamá #UnidosVenceremos
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