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More than 90 deaths in Health personnel in Nicaragua

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  • More than 90 deaths in Health personnel in Nicaragua


    The national tragedy: More than 90 deaths in Health personnel
    Among the deceased are doctors who worked in public hospitals, others in the private sector and some retirees who continued to care for patients
    July 13, 2020

    In the secrecy of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo on the state and progress of the pandemic, there has not been a single word about the Health workers who died in Nicaragua in the context of covid-19. However, in less than sixty days 94 Health workers have died, and until this July 8 at least 719 would have been infected with the coronavirus, according to the unofficial report of the Citizen Observatory COVID-19, which independently monitors the impact of the coronavirus, based on citizen complaints and the work of independent doctors.

    Of the 94 deceased that are reported up to this July 8, 40 are doctors, 22 Nursing staff, 14 administrative staff, six laboratory staff, three medical visitors, two dentists and seven are categorized as "other", which includes staff support and staff of vector-borne diseases (ETV).

    Increased number of deceased and infected health workers

    Seven days earlier, in its previous report, the Observatory registered 691 Health workers as suspected or suspected cases of covid-19, and 87 died from the same cause. And a week earlier, there were 652 infections and 78 deaths. These are numbers that have not stopped growing among those who are in the front line of combat, and have demanded protective equipment that the Government first prohibited to "not alarm the population" and now limits without justification, even prohibiting doctors from accepting donations. of supplies as simple as masks.

    “All the departments and autonomous regions (in 70 municipalities) report cases. Managua, León and Matagalpa are the departments with the highest number of cases ”, details the Observatory.

    Among the doctors are young people and veterans, with diverse specialties and dozens of years of study and experience, and citizens with different political preferences, who shared a vocation for service, which deserves to be honored and respected by the nation.

    CONFIDENCIAL has carried out this sample of Health workers who died in the context of the pandemic. Their data was verified with family, friends, colleagues and the media. Several had also been teachers of new generations ...