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Guadeloupe: Covid-19 cases - 162 cases; 14 deaths

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    Source: Import-ce-mardi-12-mai

    Coronavirus: a new case imported this Tuesday, May 12
    By Rinsy Xieng 05/12/2020 - 12:39

    There is a new case of coronavirus in Guadeloupe, which brings the number of people infected to 155. From now on, the situation of the health authorities will no longer be daily but weekly, just like the epidemiological bulletin published on Friday. However, press releases will be issued in the event of the death or discovery of a COVID-19 cluster.

    This Tuesday, May 12, we register a new case, which brings to 155 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test in Guadeloupe. This is an imported case placed in the fortnight. The coming days are decisive concerning an active resumption of the circulation of the virus on our territory or not. Given the incubation period, if new contaminations occur in the coming days, the period from early June would be significant.

    Among the confirmed cases, 4 patients are hospitalized in intensive care at the CHUG where there is no longer any patient in medicine. There are no longer any hospitalized patients at the CHBT or the Marie-Galante CH. Today, a total of 109 people are declared cured in Guadeloupe. The strategy to fight the epidemic to avoid a second wave is now based on five actions: compliance with barrier measures and recommendations for gradually resuming activities, the prescription of PCR tests at the slightest doubt, surveys of contact persons around of a positive case, the isolation of COVID-19 sick people and the epidemiological monitoring of the epidemic.

    Let us ensure that our territories classified in green remain so while respecting the measures adopted for the gradual lifting of containment. We must not relax our efforts. Barrier measures and compliance with the curfew are maintained, and dengue fever must not be forgotten by destroying the breeding sites.


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      Guadeloupe: A new case of covid 19 in one week
      coronavirus • guadeloupe
      The latest assessment from the Regional Health Agency reports one more case of Coronavirus in our department. This brings the number of Covid 19 positive people to 156. 3573 PCR tests were carried out in one week.
      Sophie Vingadassalom • Posted on May 22, 2020 at 3:46 pm, updated on May 22, 2020 at 4:01 pm

      156 people have therefore tested positive for Coronavirus in Guadeloupe. It's one more in a week. The epidemiological points are weekly.

      According to the ARS, among the confirmed cases, 3 patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care at CHUG and 1 in
      medicine service.
      115 people are declared cured by infectious diseases.

      In one week, 707 PCR tests, nasopharyngeal tests, were performed in the city and at the hospital. A total of 3,573 PCR tests
      carried out on the territory.

      A new sampling point
      For the past three days, a new sampling point has been operational at the airport. A partnership with the laboratory
      Biopole Antilles, the Airport Medical Center and the airport management.

      Passenger rules
      Passengers arriving in Guadeloupe are invited to take a test on the day of arrival or within 24 hours if they were unable to do so on departure. they also have the possibility of doing it in a collection center in town or from the hotel. It all depends on the place chosen to pass the quarantine for fourteen days.


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        Source: https://www.guadeloupe.franceantille...end-569731.php

        Coronavirus: a new death and 5 cases imported this weekend
        Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 4:29 p.m.
        Coronavirus: a new death and 5 cases imported this weekend

        Our archipelago deplores, this Sunday, the death of an 82-year-old man suffering from Covid-19 and comorbidities (other pathologies). He had been hospitalized since the end of April in intensive care at the CHUG. This brings the total number of cumulative deaths of COVID-19 persons confirmed by PCR in Guadeloupe to 14.

        Our archipelago also counts, since these last two days, five new cases, which brings to 161, the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test in Guadeloupe. These are people from metropolitan France and Guyana who have been tested on arrival. These people were contacted by the health brigade of the General Social Security Fund and the ARS. Alternative accommodation is available if necessary. They must comply with the instructions and not put any risk to those around them. The risk of the development of contamination chains from positive people entering our territory is very high.

        Among the confirmed cases, 2 patients are still hospitalized in intensive care at the CHUG and a total of 115 people are declared cured by infectiologists in Guadeloupe.

        The COVID-19 epidemic is not over and if everything is done to avoid a renewed epidemic, it is imperative that everyone adopts responsible behavior.
        Over 3,500 tests already performed
        Since Saturday May 16, 707 PCR tests have been carried out in the city and at the hospital, with a total of 3,573 PCR tests carried out in the territory.

        Since the containment was lifted ten days ago, the challenge remains for all of us to maintain our territory in green color. Active surveillance and prevention measures are reinforced to maintain low viral circulation. Efforts must be maintained: barrier measures, physical distance.

        Since Tuesday 19 May, a sampling point has been in effect at the airport in partnership with the Antilles Biopole laboratory, the Airport Medical Center and the airport management. Passengers arriving in Guadeloupe are invited to be sampled as soon as they arrive, if they have not been able to carry out a test before their departure. They can also choose to do so either in the sampling centers in town if they carry out their fortnight at home or from one of the selected hotels if they carry out their fortnight on the dedicated site.
        The frequency of the tests is as follows: on the day of arrival or within 24 hours and on D + 8 to make sure that people are not carriers of the virus and thus avoid re-imports of COVID-19.

        A device for investigating positive cases
        The RIPOSTE COVID-19 platform continues to support the population with regard to the epidemic and has now taken into account the coordination of the investigation system around positive cases. The objective is to identify the chains of contamination as soon as possible in order to stop the spread of the virus from a case.
        RIPOSTE received 237 calls between Saturday, May 16 and today and contacted 442 people for the monitoring of travelers and information on the devices implemented for arrival on our territory.
        The RIPOSTE platform has therefore evolved since the end of containment. It is organized in partnership with the CGSS and implements the following new actions:
        - Mobile sampling teams activated thanks to the health reserve, and assessment and follow-up teams at home of positive cases or contact cases.
        - The creation of a "Contact Tracing" cell piloted by an ARS medical referent, in particular for the management and analysis of possible clusters and complex COVID situations. Public Health France is also supporting ARS in this area.


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          Source: https://www.guadeloupe.franceantille...tus-569898.php

          Coronavirus. Six new cases registered and very specific monitoring indicators
          Friday May 29, 2020 - 2:11 p.m.

          Six new cases were registered for the week of May 23 to 29, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases by PCR test in Guadeloupe to 162.
          Among the confirmed cases, one patient remains hospitalized in intensive care at the CHU. A total of 138 people are declared cured by infectious diseases.

          Since Saturday 23 May, 564 PCR tests have been carried out in the city and at the hospital, with a total number of 4,137 PCR tests carried out on the territory.

          Very specific indicators
          With phase II of the deconfinement, four new monitoring indicators are now implemented:

          - The incidence that measures the number of people who tested positive for Covid-19 out of 100,000 people over a period of one week. Two thresholds are set, one vigilance at 10 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and an alert threshold at 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. A high vigilance rate reflects the development of clusters or active viral circulation. With an incidence equal to 1.5 / 100,000, Guadeloupe is below the vigilance threshold.

          - The positivity rate is materialized by the number of people detected Covid-19 / number of tests carried out over a week. It must be less than 10% for the territory to remain green which is the case of Guadeloupe with a rate equal to 1%.

          - The virus reproduction factor (R) represents the average number of people that an infected person can infect. The variation in R depends on the behavior of the population. It is close to 0 in our territory and shows that the Guadeloupe and Guadeloupe have respected the barrier measures.

          - The occupancy rate for intensive care beds is 2% in Guadeloupe, well below the 40% observed in areas classified as green.

          The territory is preparing to deploy serological tests in addition to PCR Tests. They will initially be offered to healthcare professionals and nursing homes.

          Very detailed monitoring
          The Riposte covid-19 platform continues to support and deploy the coordination of the investigation system, to identify and stop the contamination chains as soon as possible. 313 calls were received by the platform and Riposte informed of the devices and ensured the telephone follow-up of the 573 passengers arriving from Paris and Cayenne during this week.

          A person positive for coronavirus wished to join an alternative accommodation so as not to contaminate those who reside in the same home. The mobile teams moved home, in an Ehpad and a specialized reception center (SAM) to take samples on site.