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El Salvador: Covid-19 cases - 2,653 cases; 46 deaths

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    A new death increases the deaths of COVID-19 to 17 in El Salvador
    EFE - San Salvador
    05/09/2020 - 22: 18h

    El Salvador has 17 deaths, 784 infections and more than 39,000 tests have been carried out to detect the COVID-19 virus, according to official information revealed this Saturday. EFE

    El Salvador registered a new death on Saturday due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (causing the COVID-19 disease), bringing the death of this disease to 17, an official source reported.

    "I deeply regret the seventeenth person who died from COVID-19," published the head of the Ministry of Health, Francisco Alabí, on his social networks.

    According to the official, the seventeenth person who died was a health professional "in charge of a pharmacy for the health unit, 38 years old and diabetic."

    Alabí expressed his condolences to the family and "all our staff" and added that "the country has had a great loss."

    El Salvador has 784 infections and more than 39,000 tests have been carried out to detect the virus, according to official information revealed this Saturday.

    According to data from the Interdisciplinary Epidemiological Containment Team (EICE), on Friday alone 1,773 tests were applied, of which 1,731 were negative and 42 positive, bringing the number of COVID-19 infections to 784, while deaths remained at 17.

    In total, 39,079 'Polymerase Chain Reaction' (PCR) tests have been carried out throughout the Salvadoran territory - where the virus has already spread - all with 99.99% accuracy, according to the information.

    The department of San Salvador is the epicenter of new coronavirus infections with 344 cases, followed by La Libertad (center) and Santa Ana (northwest) with 64 and 49, respectively.

    On Thursday, El Salvador's security authorities imposed a "strict" and "rigid" quarantine throughout the Central American country to try to curb infections and prevent the collapse of its health system, according to the government.

    This quarantine was installed the same day that a law passed by the Legislative Assembly came into force, authorizing the Executive to detain and confine in "containment centers" those persons who allegedly violate domiciliary quarantine.

    The head of the Salvadoran Government Cabinet, Carolina Recinos, warned at a press conference that it will be a "rigid, disciplined and" absolute "quarantine until May 21.


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      The Salvadoran President calls for a "special" quarantine for COVID-19 to continue
      EFE - San Salvador
      05/10/2020 - 22:56

      The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, urged citizens on Sunday to continue with a "special" and "absolute" quarantine, decreed last Thursday to stop the expansion of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (causing the COVID disease -19) in the country, where the number of infections increased to 889.

      Bukele published on his Twitter account that "yesterday (Saturday), the majority of Salvadorans complied with the special quarantine", so he called people to "continue like this", since "this has to bear fruit".

      "Now (the results) are not seen, due to the incubation time of the virus, but they must be seen soon, they must be seen soon. Let's hold on," he added.

      On Thursday, El Salvador's security authorities imposed a "strict" and "rigid" quarantine throughout the Central American country to try to curb infections and prevent the collapse of its health system, according to the government.

      This quarantine was installed the same day that a law passed by the Legislative Assembly came into force, authorizing the Executive to detain and confine in "containment centers" those persons who allegedly violate domiciliary quarantine.

      The number of infections in El Salvador rose to 889 in the last 24 hours, while the number of deceased remains at 17 and 489 suspected cases are reported.

      The department of San Salvador is the epicenter of new coronavirus infections with 410 cases, followed by La Libertad (center) and Santa Ana (northwest) with 74 and 57, respectively.


      The "absolute" quarantine established that public passenger transport would cease to circulate in its entirety, however, a new Executive decree issued on Saturday night authorizes 'some' drivers to circulate for the transfer of health professionals who work in fighting the virus.

      Doctors, nurses and other health personnel must circulate properly identified to be able to use public transportation.

      "Public passenger transport may only to mobilize duly identified health personnel," the document states.

      This and other p


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        COVID-19 deaths reach 18 in El Salvador and infections total 958
        Monday, May 11 2020 3:16 PM

        San Salvador - El Salvador registered its eighteenth death on Monday from COVID-19, with which the case fatality rate represents 1.87% of cases, while the number of infections is close to a thousand with 958 confirmed, reported the Ministry of Health.

        The head of the Health portfolio, Francisco Alabí, pointed out in a press conference that this is a 76-year-old man, who entered an intensive care unit.

        "We join the family's pain for this irreparable loss" and "we call on the population not to see the preventive measures temporarily," said the official.

        The country processed 1,953 tests on Sunday to detect the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (causing the disease of COVID-19), of which 69 were positive and raised the cases by approximately 7.8%, compared to Saturday's count .

        The recovered people add up to 325 and the "active" cases are 615, of which 505 patients do not present symptoms, 89 are stable, 9 have a "moderate" prognosis and 6 "severe". In "critical" state are 6 people.

        The department of San Salvador is the epicenter of new coronavirus infections with 440 cases, approximately 46%, followed by La Libertad (center) and Santa Ana (northwest) with 83 and 64, respectively.

        El Salvador has been in an "absolute" and "rigid" quarantine since last Thursday with the prohibition of the movement of public transport and the limitation of the purchase of food by means of the identity number.

        This quarantine is expected to conclude on May 21, but the authorities have not ruled out its extension due to the behavior of the infections.

        The main opposition party in Congress, the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena), seeks to reverse these measures, which it considers unconstitutional.

        Deputies of this party asked to repeal a law that gives rise to "absolute" quarantine and asked the Supreme to declare unconstitutional the related presidential decrees.


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          May 12, 2020
          El Salvador: 998 cases of coronavirus after report of another 40 infections

          This Monday 69 cases were detected and the total number of infections is 998, close to a thousand. Government warns of another possible rebound.

          There are 998 coronavirus infections (COVID-19) in El Salvador, just two out of a thousand, after 40 new positive cases were confirmed this Monday, all local. The active cases are 631 and the deceased rose to 18 after a new death was reported.

          In this way, infections at the national level, since the first case was reported on March 18, have already reached 1,000, especially due to the rebound in recent days.

          Apart from the 40 cases of this Monday, 69 were registered on Sunday, on Saturday another 105 were detected; last Friday, 42; and in the last days, between May 2 and day 7, 296 infections were reported. That is, in the last there were 552 new patients.

          In this regard, President Nayib Bukele affirmed in this regard that “today's numbers represent a considerable drop. But being the first day of incidence, it is still premature to attribute it to quarantine, when there are other factors to take into account, such as the people selected to take the samples ”.

          He also warned of a possible rebound in the next few hours, but did not specify why this is so. “It is even possible that tomorrow we will see a rebound, which would not mean that quarantine does not work. We still need more data ”, he valued.

          Regarding the new infections, the Government confirmed 3 cases in San Salvador, 2 in Soyapango and Ilopango and 1 case in Mejicanos, Ciudad Delgado, Cuscatancingo, San Marcos, Santiago Texacuangos, San Martín and Tonacatepeque.

          Thus, of the 40 new cases, 12 were detected in San Salvador, the most affected department with a total of 454 infections.

          In the rest of the country, infections were detected in Santa Tecla and Ahuachapán (2) and 1 in Guaymango, Concepción de Ataco, San Francisco Menéndez, Sonsonate, Cuisnahuat, Santa Catarina Masahuat, Santa Isabel Ishuatán, Zacatecoluca, San Miguel Tepezontes, Santiago Nonualco, Jerusalem, San Pedro Nonualco, Antiguo Cuscatlán, Colón, Candelaria, San Bartolomé Perulapía, San Cristóbal, Ilobasco, Sensuntepeque, El Tránsito, Berlin and San Vicente.

          On the other hand, the Government reported that 24 people recovered from COVID-19, which brings the number to 349 cases recovered nationwide.

          Regarding the state of the patients who still have the virus, a total of 631 active patients, there are 4 new people in critical condition, raising the number to 10, 12 in serious condition (5 new ones), 34 moderate cases (on Sunday there were 9 ), 92 stable and 483 asymptomatic (on Sunday they were 505).


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            May 13, 2020
            El Salvador exceeds a thousand cases of coronavirus
            Of the 1,037 cases, 643 are active and the deceased rose to 20.

            El Salvador exceeded a thousand cases of coronavirus, after 39 new infections were confirmed until Tuesday night, bringing the total number to 1,037. Of these, 643 are active, while 20 patients have died.

            The government confirmed the data on Tuesday night on its official website with statistical information on the pandemic, although two men, one between the ages of 72 and 80 and the other 42, were confirmed hours earlier.

            Of the total of 39 new infections, 15 were reported in the department of San Salvador: 6 in the departmental capital, 2 in Ilopango and 1 in the municipalities of Aguilares, Apopa, Mejicanos, Ayutuxtepeque, El Paisnal, San Marcos and one more Soyapango .

            The rest of the reported cases were registered in the municipalities of Ahuachapán (4), Atiquizaya, Guaymango, Jujutla, Tacuba, Turin, Nahuizalco, Sonsonate, San Antonio del Monte, Santa Catarina Masahuat, San Pedro Masahuat, San Rafael Obrajuelo, Santa María Ostuma , Monte San Juan, San Bartolomé Perulapía, Santa Ana, El Congo, Santa Tecla, Sacacoyo and San Miguel.

            In this regard, President Nayib Bukele said on his social networks that "apparently there is a trend in the decrease in cases", after cases went from 105 registered on Saturday to 69 on Sunday, 40 on Monday and 39 on Tuesday. .

            Although since May 3 the number of cases increased from 22 to 44 and the trend continued to increase and there have been no fewer than 30 cases a day, something that the Government also attributes to the increase in evidence.

            Apart from the 39 cases of yesterday Tuesday, on Monday there were 40 infections, on Sunday 69 were registered, on Saturday another 105 were detected; last Friday, 42; and in the last days, between May 2 and day 7, 296 infections were reported.

            This indicates that, since the beginning of May, a total of 613 cases of coronavirus have been registered.

            On the other hand, the country reports 25 new recoveries of coronavirus, which brings this section to 374 patients who recovered from the disease.


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              They register 75 new local cases of COVID-19. Total figure rises to 1,112
              The municipality of San Salvadores registered the most cases, with 14. It is followed by Soyapango with 10
              May 14, 2020 - 6:48 am Agencies DiariolibreSV 0

              75 new local cases of COVID-19 were reported last night by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, demonstrating an uptick in coronavirus cases.

              The president wrote on his networks that 2, 082 COVID-19 tests were carried out yesterday, 2,007 were negative and 76 positive.

              Only San Salvador registers 14 new cases, 10 Soyapango, 4 Mexicans as well as Apopa, 3 in Ilopango, among other cases reported by the Health system.

              "We have performed 48,913 COVID-19 tests, all PCR, with 99.9% reliability. There is a rebound in cases compared to the previous two days, where a positive trend was beginning to show. We still need more data. The one that will be obtained in the next days ”, he wrote.

              The official page details that 405 people have recovered from COVID-19, 20 people have died, 687 active cases.

              It also shows that, according to gender, there are 702 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 410 women.

              According to the prognosis of the patients, 19 patients are in critical condition, 29 severe, 51 moderate, 185 stable and 403 are asymptomatic patients.

              According to the official website, San Salvador already registers 144 cases, 97 Soyapango cases, 45 in Ciudad Delgado, 39 cases in Mejicanos, 35 Ilopango, 33 Apopa, among others.


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                98 new cases of COVID-19 in El Salvador, there are 1,210 in total
                Nationals Thursday, May 14, 2020, 11:01 PM Drafting SN
                98 new cases of COVID-19 in El Salvador, there are 1,210 in total

                The night of this Thursday, the government authorities provided a new update of the cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in El Salvador, there are already 1,210 confirmed cases in the country.

                According to the authorities, this Thursday, May 14, 2,229 tests were carried out, of which 98 were positive and 2,131 were negative. Of these new 98 cases of COVID-19 all cases are local cases.

                These cases were detected in the municipalities of:

                20 of San Salvador, department of San Salvador
                7 of Ciudad Delgado, department of San Salvador
                7 de Ilopango, department of San Salvador
                5 de San Marcos, department of San Salvador
                4 de Mejicanos, department of San Salvador
                4 of Soyapango, department of San Salvador
                4 of Tonacatepeque, department of San Salvador
                3 of Apopa, department of San Salvador
                2 from Cuscatancingo, department of San Salvador
                2 from Guazapa, department of San Salvador
                2 from Panchimalco, department of San Salvador
                2 from Rosario de Mora, department of San Salvador
                2 of San Martín, department of San Salvador
                1 of Santo Tomás, department of San Salvador
                4 of Chiltiupán, department of La Libertad
                3 of Santa Tecla, department of La Libertad
                2 de Colón, department of La Libertad
                1 from Ciudad Arce, department of La Libertad
                2 from Zacatecoluca, department of La Paz
                2 de Santiago Nonualco, department of La Paz
                1 of San Miguel Tepezontes, department of La Paz
                1 from San Pedro Nonualco, department of La Paz
                2 de Ahuachapán, department of Ahuachapán
                1 de Apaneca, Ahuachapán department
                1 of Tacuba, department of Ahuachapán
                2 de Nahuizalco, department of Sonsonate
                1 from San Julián, Sonsonate department
                1 de Candelaria, Cuscatlán department
                1 from El Carmen, Cuscatlán department
                1 of Suchitoto, department of Cuscatlán
                1 from La Palma, department of Chalatenango
                1 of San Rafael, department of Chalatenango
                1 of Coatepeque, department of Santa Ana
                1 from El Congo, department of Santa Ana
                1 from Sensuntepeque, Cabañas department
                Guadalupe, department of San Vicente
                1 de Jiquilisco, Usulután department

                Of these new cases, 31 would be due to epidemiological links and 67 through searches. Furthermore, in this update, the authorities reported 3 new deceased and 11 new patients who had recovered.

                After this new update, there are already 1,210 cases of COVID-19 in El Salvador, these are divided into 771 active cases, 416 cases of recovered patients and 23 deceased.


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                  Friday closes with 55 more cases of covid-19 in El Salvador, active cases reaches 799

                  The municipalities of Soyapango, Mejicanos and San Salvador are where more cases are confirmed.
                  By RenéGómez
                  May 16, 2020 - 07:36 HS

                  At 11:58 pm yesterday, Friday 15, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, reported that a total of 2,215 tests were carried out for covid-19, of which 55 gave positive results for the virus.

                  The total of active cases in El Salvador is 799 and the general total reaches 1,265 cases, of which 441 recovered and 25 deceased are subtracted.

                  Among the municipalities that gave the most positive tests yesterday were Soyapango, with 7 and Mejicanos and San Salvador, with 6 each.

                  The department of San Salvador is the one that registers the most positive cases of covid-19, with a total of 661 cases.

                  La Libertad and Santa Ana register 108 and 79, respectively.

                  Currently, both the Executive and the Legislative have not reached agreements to extend the State of Emergency that ends precisely this Saturday, the 16th.

                  Representatives of the Salvadoran government had asked the deputies to meet in an extraordinary way this Saturday to vote on the proposal to continue the State of Emergency.


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                    Salvadoran President excludes Congress and decrees state of emergency
                    The head of the Government of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, did not wait for the support of Congress and decided to extend the alarm situation in the country covered by a Civil Protection Law
                    Coronavirus.- El Salvador suspends public transport during the 15 days of "special quarantine"
                    The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele PRESIDENCY OF EL SALVADOR 05/07/2020 / Photo: / PRESIDENCY OF EL SALVADOR
                    Kiara Hurtado
                    Last update: 17-05-2020 | 16:07 H /
                    Created: 17-05-2020

                    Nayib Bukele, the president of the Republic of El Savador, has declared the extension of the state of national emergency without the prior vote of Congress. The president has defended his decision under the protection of a law that allows him to do so.

                    The state of alarm in the Caribbean country lasted until Saturday, May 16, since Congress did not schedule a meeting until Monday, Bukele used Article 24 of the Civil Protection Law to extend the measure.

                    Before the declaration, many deputies protested against the president, in response, he did not hesitate to respond to them via social networks. Likewise, Bukele explained that he did it for the citizens, since he is convinced that the quarantine works and also, he wants to avoid at all costs the collapse of the sanitary units.

                    "I see FMLN deputies claiming that, in use of my power as President of the Republic, I declared a State of Emergency. They say it is a blow to democracy and I don't know what else ... "

                    As of this Sunday, El Salvador registers 1,338 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 27 deaths.


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                      INTERNATIONAL · MAY 18, 2020 18:42
                      Salvadoran Supreme Court suspends state of emergency dictated by Bukele
                      Text by Cocuyo Effect

                      The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador temporarily suspended the state of emergency decree issued by the Government of Nayib Bukele, who dispensed with Congress to take the measure.

                      The magistrates of the Supreme Court admitted a claim of unconstitutionality to determine alleged "defects in form" and whether the president exercised a function of Congress "without justification," according to the resolution.

                      With this decision they suspended the effects of the executive decree "immediately and provisionally" while this process of unconstitutionality "promoted by a citizen is pending.

                      "The authorities of the Executive body may not exercise any of the powers established by said regulations; likewise, the effects of any act or rule that is a consequence of the aforementioned executive decree are suspended, ”added the constitutional judges, this Monday, May 18.

                      According to the Executive, the state of emergency gives legal support to the measures of confinement and economic relief to the population, such as the moratorium on the payment of basic services.

                      The resolution indicates that President Bukele has 10 days to rule on the legal justification for the measure, at the same time that he has the Attorney General's Office to give his position.

                      The Constitutional Chamber also called on the Government and Congress to make a "mutual effort" for the prompt approval of a national emergency law "that updates the conditions in which Salvadoran society is currently facing the COVID combat- 19 ".

                      The deputies are discussing a series of proposals on Monday and they are expected to vote this Monday on a new national state of emergency law.

                      Bukele: "Unprecedented"

                      President Bukele reacted from his Twitter account and assured that this is "an unprecedented act" of the Constitutional Chamber.

                      "It takes away a power from the Presidency of the Republic, a power that all the presidents of El Salvador have had and used, in times of emergency. And they do it in the largest emergency the world has had in 100 years, "he said.

                      The government declared a state of emergency close to dawn on Sunday to stop the advance of COVID-19, protected by a law that allows it if Congress cannot meet.

                      The Executive evoked an article of the Civil Protection Law that gives it the power to issue the measure in the face of problems to set up a session of the deputies, but the Prosecutor's Office noted that "the Legislative Assembly was not unable to meet."

                      The government measure was classified by deputies and analysts as "ignorance" of the Legislative body and "hidden" state of emergency.

                      The Office of the Prosecutor called the action "an act of usurpation of powers" and also requested its nullity, given that it considers that "the Legislative Assembly was not unable to meet."

                      The Presidency's legal secretary, Conan Castro, said in remarks to the international press on Sunday that without the state of emergency, the law of mandatory confinement and the presidential decree declaring "absolute" quarantine have no legal basis.

                      Close to collapse

                      The Salvadoran government predicts that the hospital system will collapse in the coming weeks due to the accelerated rate of infections and the increase in the number of suspected cases.

                      A group of doctors and employees of the Ministry of Health on Monday called on Congress to maintain the containment measures through a state of emergency.

                      "We support the measures of the state of emergency, which must be ratified by the Legislative Assembly and we request that the measures of home quarantine continue" to contain the advance of the virus, Rigoberto González, director of the José public hospital, told the press. Molina Martínez.

                      The head of nursing at said center assured that the country is at the peak of infections, so she also called on the population to continue with the protection measures.

                      According to the last official count, El Salvador registers 1,413 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 30 deaths and 1,052 patients with suspicions.

                      With information and photo of Efe


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                        El Salvador adds 1,498 COVID-19 cases and 30 deaths
                        Updated 2020-05-20 10:33:01 | Spanish. xinhuanet. com

                        SAN JOSE, May 19 (Xinhua) - The Government of El Salvador today reported 1,498 cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in its territory, while maintaining the list of deaths from respiratory disease in 30 people.

                        The new registration occurred in a day where the authorities of the Central American country carried out 2,458 tests and found 85 positives, the third largest number of cases found in a single day.

                        According to official data, reported by the Salvadoran Ministry of Health, there are 533 women and 965 men. Meanwhile, the Government maintains 1,142 cases under suspicion.

                        In addition, of the 966 active cases, 458 are reported asymptomatic, 307 stable, 119 with a moderate prognosis, 55 are serious and 27 are in critical condition.

                        According to the Salvadoran President, Nayib Bukele, 502 people have already been recovered and a total of 60,000 COVID-19 tests have been carried out.

                        Two months after the appearance of the first coronavirus case in that country, El Salvador registers a majority of local infections, for a total of 1,381.

                        Most cases are in the range of 20 to 39 years: 667, while there are 553 patients in the range of 40 to 59 years.

                        The third age group with the most patients is from 60 to 79 years old, with 153, while there are 61 patients from 10 to 19 years old, 37 under nine years old, and 27 over 80 years old.

                        The largest number of cases are reported in the capital, San Salvador, where there are 216 registered.

                        The Bukele government also maintains 3,383 people detained in 93 quarantine centers.


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                          Wednesday 20, May 2020 - 1:25 am
                          Three populous municipalities of San Salvador lead the report of new cases COVID-19
                          Drafting Web-DEM
                          Wednesday 20, May 2020 - 1:25 am

                          In the populous municipalities of San Salvador, Soyapango and San Martín, 32 of the 73 new cases positive for COVID-19 reported on Tuesday night by President Nayib Bukele were located. El Salvador already has 1,571 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, in addition to one more death that brings the number to 31 deaths.

                          In the usual report on his Twitter account, the president highlighted that 16 positive cases were located in the municipality of San Salvador, 10 in Soyapango and 6 in San Martín. These being the highest numbers in the rest of the municipalities than new patients. Three populous municipalities of San Salvador lead the report of new cases COVID-19

                          In total, the department of San Salvador added 43 new patients to the statistics, La Libertad 7, Ahucharán 6, La Paz, 4, Cabañas 3, Cuscatlán 3, Santa Ana 3, San Miguel 1, San Vicente 2 and Sonsonate 1, results of 2,497 tests carried out.

                          Likewise, critical cases remain at 27 and serious cases at 55, increased in the last week.

                          President Bukele celebrated that this Tuesday the Health authorities reported 29 new cured patients.


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                            El Salvador confirms 1,640 cases of COVID-19 to date, after reporting 69 infections yesterday
                            By elsalvadorgram
                            Published on 05.21.2020

                            President Nayib Bukele announced at dawn that 69 cases of COVID-19 were registered yesterday in El Salvador. Thus, the total has increased to 1,640 people who have fallen ill with coronaviruses.

                            Of all the cases, 1,068 cases remain active, since 540 people have already overcome the disease. Yesterday, a new deceased from the coronavirus was also reported in the country.

                            San Salvador is the municipality with the most confirmed cases yesterday (11), but all the departments of the country already register COVID-19 infections. The President has called to continue quarantining.


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                              El Salvador added 1,725 ​​cases of COVID-19 at the end of Thursday

                              Drafting Nationals May 22, 2020 Nationals Leave a comment
                              May 22, 2020
                              Joaquin Salazar

                              "The curve is not flattening as we expected. While it slowed and we are conducting further tests, we are still far from containing the virus. Our best weapon, for now, seems simple, stay at home, "said the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele before the 85 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing El Salvador to 1,725 ​​cases.
                              The president urged citizens to comply with the quarantine, staying at home and thus avoid contagion. To date there are 1,725 ​​confirmed of which 1,130 are active, 33 deceased and 562 people have overcome the disease.
                              The department of San Salvador continues to be the main source of infection, with 851 cases followed by La Libertad with 155 cases, 113 in Santa Ana, Ahuachapán 85, La Paz 82 and San Miguel 72.
                              As for the Containment Centers, there are 89 with 2, 995 people. While 9,975 people have left these controlled quarantine spaces.
                              The group of people who were quarantined at the Montecarmelo Containment Center reported that they were transferred to Morazán, in retaliation for having declared a hunger strike. They said they were arrested on April 7, for violating the quarantine.
                              In that group are citizens from various places, such as Ciudad Delgado, Mejicanos, Soyapango, among others. Through social networks they asked for help to be released.


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                                El Salvador has 1,819 confirmed cases of coronavirus
                                By Ana Torres -
                                May 23, 2020

                                On Friday night, President Nayib Bukele, through his official twitter account, announced 94 new positive tests for coronavirus, increasing the number to 1,819 confirmed cases in the country.

                                Of these 1,216 are active cases, of which 1,702 are local and 117 imported; 33 the deceased, 570 the recovered cases and 1,292 the suspected cases.

                                The president reported that of the tests carried out on Friday, there are 23 epidemiological links and 71 searches. Also, it announced that 168 people came out of healthy quarantine, towards their homes.

                                "We are in a critical stage. If we do not go down the curve fast, we are collapsing our health system. Our only hope is that quarantine will work, but obviously it will not work if it is not 100% met, ”he wrote.