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Flu-related Deaths Not Uncommon in Winter

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  • Flu-related Deaths Not Uncommon in Winter

    Flu-related Deaths Not Uncommon in Winter

    Eastern Health says it's possible that nine people have died with influenza, but the Chief Medical Officer of Health says the flu would not have been the primary cause of death. Dr. David Allison says it's usually a case of influenza putting already-sick people over the edge. He says the trend is not uncommon for this time of the year.

    Dr. Allison says deaths at long-term care homes where people have complex conditions come as no surprise.

    Health boards across the province have restricted access or closed long-term care facilities and hospitals to visitors in an attempt to prevent the spread of the flu. Dr. Allison says the strain of influenza going around this year is the same strain popping up elsewhere.

    He says the strain is different from the strain last year, but it is still Influenza A and there's nothing unusual about it. Allison says it was one of the strains in the flu vaccine. He says the virus is spreading rapidly.
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