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Vietnam: 16 patients were infected with influenza A / H1N1 at Tu Du Hospital

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  • Vietnam: 16 patients were infected with influenza A / H1N1 at Tu Du Hospital

    A female Tien Giang with H1N1 flu to Tu Du Hospital (HCMC) gynecological examination has infected 16 patients, 80 people are quarantined. On June 2, Nguyen Ba My Nhi, deputy director of Tu Du Hospital, said the hospital is coordinating with the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and the HCM City Center for Preventive Medicine to treat 16 people infected with influenza A / H1N1. Another 80 people have to quarantine here. Noon 1/6 of a patient in Tien Giang province for gynecological treatment in the Department of Endoscopy, Tu Du Hospital. This person with high fever continuously, body aches and pain should doctors postpone surgery, discharge home to follow up. Then many patients, relatives, medical staff in the Department of endoscopy in a series of high fever, aches and pains.

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    Today, 3-6, Department of Health Ho Chi Minh City (HCM) has official information, the latest update on cases of influenza A / H1N1 in Tu Du Hospital that nearly 20 people infected, more than 80 people. isolation
    According to the Ho Chi Minh City Health Department, the agency has received a quick report from Tu Du Hospital on the fact that 17 patients in the same department had a high fever. Specifically, morning 1-6, at the endoscopy - Tu Du hospital there is a case of surgery to endoscopic hysterectomy was surgical surgery because patients show signs of fever. At 15h the same day, suddenly appeared at the same time 17 patients with fever symptoms, muscle pain. Immediately, Tu Du hospital has grouped, isolated patients with fever, guidance and implementation of prevention for patients with relatives endoscopic.

    After receiving a quick report from Tu Du Hospital, the Ho Chi Minh City Health Department has directed the hospital to immediately implement measures to prevent the spread and professional consultation with the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City on the case mentioned above disease. The results of the consultation between Tu Du Hospital and HCMC Tropical Hospital do not exclude patients infected with influenza and spread in the department. In the evening, Tu Du Hospital in collaboration with the Tropical Hospital conducted a PCR test for 16 patients and 2 medical staffs. The Hospital for Tropical Diseases urgently tested all samples at night, resulting in 16 out of 18 samples positive for influenza A (H1N1).


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      Vietnam A H1N1 flu cases rise to 28

      Five more medical workers in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam have shown A H1N1 influenza symptoms, raising the total suspected and confirmed cases to 28, including 16 confirmed ones, the municipal Preventive Medicine Center said today.
      Of the 28 suspected cases, eight are medical workers at the Endoscopy Department of Tu Du Hospital, a major maternity institution in Vietnam, and 20 are patients at the hospital.
      Last Friday, a woman from southern Tien Giang province went to the hospital for gynecological checkup.
      Later on the same day, there were 23 cases of patients, their relatives and medical workers who had close contact with the woman simultaneously having high temperatures, a runny nose and sore throat. Sixteen of them tested positive for A H1N1 influenza, an acute respiratory disease.
      According to the World Health Organization, the disease can be transmitted by droplets emanating from unprotected coughs and sneezes, hand contamination, and interpersonal encounters in crowded closed spaces.
      Vietnam experienced an H1N1 pandemic in 2009, with over 9,000 people contracting the disease and nearly 20 deaths within four months of the year, according to its Health Ministry.


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        Tu Du hospital postponed 37 cases, disinfection of influenza A / H1N1

        Department of Endoscopy, Tu Du hospital is being urgently disinfected to operate again 4/6 pm, other areas are conducting dehumidification. Dr Nguyen Ba My Nhi, deputy director of Tu Du Hospital, said that morning 4/6 of the Department of Endoscopy of the institute of isolation for 5 patients with influenza A / H1N1 positive. The patients are stable, fever, temporarily good control of disease should be released from the hospital today. The hospital disinfects all contact surfaces, especially floors, door handles, elevator seats etc. The endoscopy area is located at 5th floor which is highly concentrated in disinfection, other departments. The eight-storey building is also sprayed in a rolling manner. "The hospital will strengthen the disinfectant for at least 2 weeks because the viral load lasts for 10-14 days." Handwashing bottles are all over the place for health care workers, in toilets that put a lot of soap on the patients to wash. continuous hand, "Nhi doctors share.