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Vietnam - The risk of influenza virus virulence change

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  • Vietnam - The risk of influenza virus virulence change

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    06:59 December 5, 2016
    Thai Ha

    The risk of influenza virus virulence change

    TP - Northern preparing a new round of cold air. These are favorable conditions for pathogenic viruses appear, including influenza virus. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh, head of the Intensive Care Unit (Bach Mai Hospital), warned recently had a certain percentage related genetic variations of the new flu virus appears, particularly toxic very high power.

    Multiple organ failure due to late treatment of influenza

    This is the reason why even though not much heavier patients -in thousands of flu patients only a few heavy, but the mortality rate is very high. Flu is one of the common diseases, not only with children, the elderly, but also adults are susceptible to cold weather changes. When the flu, most people often neglect or self-medication, even some people even use both antibiotics to speed up recovery from illness. The overuse of antibiotics in the treatment of flu usually does not yield results, there are also consequences when oily antibiotics in the treatment of the latter. Seasonal flu likely spread into an epidemic, especially some strains such as H5N1 influenza A, H1N1 ... very popular.

    Because humans do not adapt to the new strain of influenza should not have the prop makes a lot of destroyed lungs, and cause multi-organ failure. Professor Binh documented, until 2005, influenza A / H5N1 death rate in the world is still very high, about 80% of severe cases, respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation that case fatality rate very high. Influenza A / H1N1 is similar to that.

    Prof. Binh added, to distinguish influenza A / H5N1, H1N1, H3N2, for the doctor himself is not easy. The clinical symptoms of influenza with fever, headache, runny nose, dry cough ... exactly the same and the other just as if by day 2-3 patients more tired or difficulty breathing, then new to medical facilities nearest health examination, blood tests, a CT scan to determine whether lung patients with flu or not, there is progression or not to have a specific treatment plan. Many patients are often subjective, thought is not the common cold to the hospital; until the new body could not stand up to the hospital, then the body has been devastated so much with depression syndrome, multiple organ. Although the mechanical systems support the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys have many, but the mortality rate is quite high. The doctor recommended, though not necessarily to the hospital on the first day, but patients and relatives to see exacerbations they have to come to the health facilities with diagnostic equipment, better tracking.

    Influenza vaccine effectiveness

    Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh said: "Preventing the flu is not a simple matter, because flu is spread through breathing. Meanwhile, for the prevention of respiratory transmitted cases is difficult because of crowded places, only one of whom had flu symptoms, sneezing, influenza virus will take the small droplets of saliva he can splash to many meters away. Humans go through inhalation is not known. Currently we or working in the office building so the principle is the need for ventilation, airflow enters and exits. If you have the flu, the patient should wear a mask and inform colleagues know to prevent an infected person coughs, sneezes splashed out another bubble. These are very simple measures to prevent infection. When in a closed room, a virus influenza virus infection will bring in and spread in that area, as others are susceptible to inhalation. Office should be open to the sunshine in because the virus is very afraid of the sun. Sunlight destroys many types of viruses, including influenza virus. "

    Doctors recommend that those who have the flu should be actively limited to crowded places, wear a mask properly. This is a seemingly simple job, but many people did not wear, to coughing, sneezing those around inhaling very worrying.

    In addition, subjects with diabetes, or people with immune-suppressing drugs ... should actively flu vaccination before winter comes. Prof. Binh affirmed that the effect of influenza virus vaccination for people with chronic lung disease, the elderly, people with diabetes, or immunosuppressive medication, pregnant women are still very effective.

    The new technique rescued severe influenza patients

    Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh said: "From the desire to save the lives of many patients, we have to learn and apply new technologies, new techniques. For example, new mechanical ventilation strategies, strategies for technical use circulating outside the body for more severe cases, pulmonary lesions too, doctors draw blood to run through the machine off then mixed with oxygen and then pumps in person in about 2-3 weeks can save the patient. On the other hand, to reduce pulmonary lesions due to the idea during exploration research center doctors discovered respiration is to alleviate the severe lung damage, the elimination of toxins caused by influenza dialysis technologies help lighten lung damage. Until now this technique quite successfully applied for multiple patients. Dialysis causes inflammation makes the lungs and reduce the organ in the body decreased, the proportion of patients rescued raised tremendously. In addition to therapeutic applications of influenza, and therapeutic applications for many other diseases, and it really is a revolution in resuscitation.

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela