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Vietnam: first case of influenza A H1N1 in the 2016

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  • Vietnam: first case of influenza A H1N1 in the 2016

    Thu Duc Hospital has said that the locality had a comparable case for influenza A H1N1. Specifically, patients were Nguyen Duc L. (born in 1958, live in Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District), hospitalized in acute respiratory failure due to high fever this 5, chills, aches Friendly, diarrhea, cough yellow phlegm, dyspnea growing ...
    At the hospital, the patient was taken to detect lung X-ray diffuse lesions 2 sides (right more than left), diagnosed in hospital as severe pneumonia unknown agent, specializing in hospital diagnosed as H1N1 pdm 2009 nhiem.Benh's bumper hospitalized after being treated with antibiotics, respiratory support and treatment of symptoms. By day 23.4, there are positive results tinh.Sau when influenza PCR positive results for influenza A H1N1, the patient was transferred to the Hospital for Tropical to continue treatment. Currently, the patient is awake L., respiratory failure has been improved.

    Bệnh nhân sốt cao 5 ngày, đau nhức toàn thân, khó thở, nhập viện trong tình trạng suy hô hấp cấp. Kết quả chẩn đoán dương tính với cúm A H1N1…