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Thailand: 2 persons killed by H1N1 not H5N1

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  • Thailand: 2 persons killed by H1N1 not H5N1

    March 18, m.d. Narong United Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Pat Metha (sot). Discusses the case with news of detected infected flu patients h 5 n 1 (H5N1). The bird flu strain has already killed 2 who, Nakhon SI thammarat, from checking the result of fuel analysis laboratory. I found that the two militants who died in the Nakhon SI thammarat province from influenza type h 1 n 1 (H1N1) 2009 influenza or as regular flu season does not appear to be any bird flu from disease surveillance network coordinating bird flu monitoring in the area to Maharaj Nakhon SI thammarat. I found that the hospital received patients with flu symptoms, the type h 1 n 1 (H1N1) Treat yourself in the hospital only 4 non-report, 12 2 list of symptoms recovered back home, m.d. Narong said influenza infection currently h 1 n 1 become seasonal influenza. Today, I found more patients because it is easy to communicate disease to respiratory system and the people's lack of self defense. For information on the years March January-2557 (2014) found patients nationwide 16065 killed the majority of entries are in working age and elderly people. Immune deficiency The body, while the weak year 2556 (2013) found a patient who died have 43791. Have to reiterate, every province is a strong preventative maintenance measures is 4 ?