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Sri Lanka: Four patients die in H1N1 in a hospital setting, 20 children died

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  • Sri Lanka: Four patients die in H1N1 in a hospital setting, 20 children died

    Four kidney patients, undergoing treatment at the Kandy General Hospital?s kidney patients ward, died on Tuesday (10) night. Confirming the deaths, Kandy General Hospital Director Saman Ratnayake said they were due to H1N1 infection.
    Dr. Ratnayake said that three other patients had died of H1N1 infection at his hospital earlier.
    He maintained that adequate measures had been taken to prevent the spread of the influenza to the other wards.
    Medical specialists Dr. Jude Jayamaha and Dr. N. Y. Samaraweera visited the Kandy General Hospital yesterday (11) and educated the staff of the hospital on preventive measures.
    Meanwhile, a separate unit for examining and treating influenza patients has been opened at the OPD of the Kandy General Hospital.
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    Preschools closed in Influenza hit Southern province

    The Southern Provincial Education Minister said that he instructed to close all Preschools in the province due to the spread of Influenza, from today until May 23.

    The Provincial Minister said that he gave these instructions after consulting medical specialists who reported that hospital wards are already overflowing with children and several children had died due to the H1N1 virus.

    Accordingly pre-schools in Matara, Mulatiyana, Akurassa, Tengalle, Walasmulla and Galle will be closed.

    Medical Specialist urged to refrain from sending children to school who are contaminated with fever, cold or cough.

    The Specialists also advised to avoid exposing children to where older people exists.


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      Killer virus identified as Influenza A

      COLOMBO (News 1st) ? Health authorities say the viral fever that is rapidly spreading across the Southern Province has been attributed to a strain of the Influenza A virus. Over the past three weeks, 13 lives, mainly those of small children, have been lost to the disease.
      Since the viral fever began spreading rapidly across the Southern Province, many have questioned whether this could spread to other parts of the country causing a national epidemic. 1,068 patients had contracted this viral fever in the Galle district alone between the 21st and 30th of May. 744 cases were reported from the Matara district while about 500 cases have been reported from the Hambantota district.
      Dr. Jude Jayamaha, Consultant Medical Virologist of the National Influenza Centre stated that since last month they have received about 159 samples from small children, especially from the Karapitiya hospital to the Medical Research Institute. He stated that they have identified it as the Influenza A virus and cannot say that it is a new virus. He added that it appears that it is the same Influenza virus that has afflicted the population over the past several years.


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        Influenza claimed lives of 20 infants, now under control: Rajitha

        Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne claiming that the influenza had claimed lives of nearly 20 infants in the south and elsewhere, was now being brought under control, added that the influenza virus changed rapidly and therefore the same vaccine could not be used to control the disease all the time. Therefore, the reluctance of doctors to inject anti ? influenza vaccine on patients is understandable, Dr. Senaratne said.
        ?The influenza fever has been controlled and it is not spreading as reported by certain media. You must not count deaths occurred from other diseases as influenza deaths,? he told reporters.
        Seasonal influenza viruses circulate and cause diseases every year. In Sri Lanka, in the past few years, it has been generally observed during April to June and again in November to January. It spreads from person-to-person through sneezing, coughing, or touching contaminated surfaces. Seasonal influenza viruses can cause mild to severe illness and even death, particularly in some high-risk individuals.


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          Deadly influenza claims another infant

          Another child receiving treatment at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital has died from the deadly Influenza that is currently sweeping across the country.

          The latest victim is a two-month old infant, says hospital director - Dr. Jayampathy Senanayake.
          Earlier, health education and promotion director, Epidemiologist Paba Palihawadana says that there are reports of the the flu being spread to other parts of the country.
          She urges public to visit a doctor if symptoms such as fever, headaches, colds, coughs and throat aches prevail.
          Noting that a patient who has been suffering from the flu and breathing difficulties for a few days should be admitted to a hospital immediately.