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Vehari: Hospitals fill up with pneumonia patients

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  • Vehari: Hospitals fill up with pneumonia patients


    Hospitals fill up with pneumonia patients

    Over 122 cases of pneumonia have been reported at a Vehari hospital .

    MULTAN: Over 122 cases of pneumonia have been reported from the district hospital in Vehari in the past two days.

    Doctors at the hospital have said that the hospital has experienced an unprecedented influx of pneumonia cases during the past two days and are struggling to cope with the numbers. Vehari Hospital Children’s wing in-charge Dr Muhammad Afzal said “It is astonishing. The patients keep pouring in and we don’t have enough beds in the wards to treat them.” Dr Afzal said that one of the major reasons behind the rising number of pneumonia cases was the lack of rain in the region.

    A nurse at the hospital, Majida said that the dry cold had caused severe respiratory problems in the district. “Most of the patients have been from flood affected families. This is because they still don’t have enough warm clothes and blankets,” she said.

    Hospital sources confirmed that 69 of the admitted children were less than five-years-old. “The situation is getting out of hand and we are trying to refer patients to other hospitals for treatment because we are currently exceeding our capacity,” Dr Afzal said, adding “all of the patients are seriously ill and require treatment but we don’t have enough medicines.”

    Vehari hospital officials said that most of the patients were children but some of the pneumonia patients also included adults.

    “We are hoping the situation improves because we don’t have the resources to cope with such large numbers but we are doing whatever we can,” said an attending physician at the hospital Dr Javed...

    Published in The Express Tribune, December 23rd, 2010.
    Owais Raza December 23, 2010

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    Re: Vehari: Hospitals fill up with pneumonia patients


    Health dept terms news of Pneumonia spread in Vehari, baseless

    LAHORE: A Spokesman of the Health Department Punjab while clarifying a news item appearing in a section of press in which it was claimed that Pneumonia has converted into epidemic in Vehari has termed it against the facts.

    According to handout issued here on Thursday, the spokesman clarified that during the month of December 2010, 646 children suffering from different diseases had been brought to the hospital out of which only 37 children were affected from Pneumonia. The spokesman further said that only two children died due to Pneumonia, which is not unusual.

    The spokesman said that the impression regarding spread of Pneumonia in flood-affected children is contrary to the facts...