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Pakistan: Threat of influenza looms large in the region

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  • Pakistan: Threat of influenza looms large in the region

    The threat of spread of influenza is looming large in this region of the country as an influenza virus of the H3 type is proved to be active after death of a confirmed patient of influenza A (H3) at the Holy Family Hospital on October 30.

    A male patient, Shahbaz, aged 30, was brought to the HFH on October 22 from Talagang with symptoms of influenza. The HFH administration sent his sample to the National Institute of Health, Islamabad, for viral serology that confirmed him positive for influenza A (H3), a variant of influenza A, on October 25. The patient remained on ventilator for nearly a week at the HFH and expired on October 30 because of the complications of the viral infection.

    “We have notified all the concerned departments of the death of the patient with an influenza A variant,” said Chairman Infection Control Committee at HFH Dr. Javed Hayat while talking to ‘The News’ on Friday.


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    Re: Pakistan: Threat of influenza looms large in the region

    Lack of care: Swine flu claims first victim of the year in Pindi
    By Sehrish WasifPublished: November 3, 2012

    This year’s first victim of swine flu in Rawalpindi breathed his last at the Holy Family Hospital (HFH) on Friday.
    He had been brought to HFH two days ago, but the garrison city’s allied hospitals did not have the temiflu drug, vital for treating the disease, in stock.
    According to hospital sources, 21-year-old Shahbaz Mohammad was brought to HFH’s emergency ward on the night of October 31 in critical condition. He was breathless, suffering from high fever and a headache. He was put on a ventilator in isolation in the intensive care unit. According to preliminary reports, he had tested positive for swine flu type H1.

    Influenza AH3 claims life
    RAWALPINDI, Nov 2: The death of a young man from Influenza AH3 virus has set the alarm bells ringing for the city health department.

    Mohammad Shahbaz, 21, brought to Holy Family Hospital (HFH) on October 25 from Talagang, Chakwal, died on October 30. His blood samples were sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH) the same day which confirmed the presence of the virus in his body on Friday.

    “The patient was suffering from fever and flu for the last one week and facing breathing problem for the last five days,” said Dr. Javed Hayat, In-charge infectious diseases at HFH, while talking to Dawn.

    He said the doctors had been suspecting that the patient was suffering from swine flu which proved otherwise after the NIH report.
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