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Influenza A/H1N1 2009 in Myanmar in 2017: 38 deaths

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  • Influenza A/H1N1 2009 in Myanmar in 2017: 38 deaths

    People wearing masks wait for buses at a bus stop in Yangon, Myanmar, July 24, 2017. One person out of 13, infected with seasonal influenza A/H1N1 2009 in Myanmar, has died, according to a release of the Ministry of Health and Sports Monday. (Xinhua/U Aung)
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    2 die of seasonal flu H1N1 in Myanmar

    YANGON, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Two people, including one pregnant woman, have died of seasonal influenza H1N1 in Myanmar on Tuesday afternoon, an official from the Yangon General Hospital said.
    The male patient is from Bago region and the address of the pregnant is still unknown.
    The virus of the disease was detected only after examining the deceased, Aye Ko Ko, head of the Yangon General Hospital said.
    Three patients with H1N1 symptoms have been undergoing treatment in the hospital since the weekend.
    On Monday, one of 13 infected patients died.


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      Myanmar officials say 3 die of swine flu

      YANGON, Myanmar (AP) ? Health officials in Myanmar say the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, has killed three people out of 13 confirmed cases this month.

      A Yangon General Hospital doctor, Khin Theingi Myint, said Tuesday that two infected patients died after being admitted to his hospital and one died earlier this month in Chin state in western Myanmar, where 11 of the infections were found.

      The Health Ministry first confirmed the batch of cases on Monday.


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        At least four dead in new H1N1 outbreak in Myanmar

        Passers-by don masks outside Yangon General Hospital in Yangon, Myanmar, yesterday, as reports confirm that at least four people in the country have died from the H1N1 flu virus. Over a dozen patients with the virus were also confirmed in various regions around the country, including Chin state and the Ayeyarwaddy and Naypyitaw regions.


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          Myanmar tracks spread of H1N1 as outbreak claims sixth victim

          YANGON (Reuters) ? Six people have died in an outbreak of H1N1 influenza largely hitting Myanmar?s biggest city, Yangon, a health official said on Thursday, amid government efforts to track the spread of the virus known as swine flu.
          Two 5-year-old girls died on Tuesday at a children?s hospital in Yangon, said Thinzar Aung, deputy director of the infectious diseases department at the Ministry of Health and Sport.
          She added that one man died on Wednesday and another on Thursday morning at other government-run hospitals in the city.
          Laboratory tests confirmed all four people had contracted H1N1, she said.
          A pregnant woman and another man died on Monday after contracting the virus, also in Yangon.


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            Death toll from H1N1 virus rises to ten

            Two patients admitted to Yangon General Hospital on 15 July, and on 28 July respectively and another patient transferred to North Okkalapa Hospital from Yangon General Hospital yesterday died of the seasonal influenza yesterday according to Ministry of Health and Sports.
            The Ministry of Health and Sports has accelerated emergency response, monitoring, prevention, control and awareness campaigns as regards the seasonal influenza, state media reported on 31 July.
            During the period from 21 to 30 July, 182 patients infected with acute respiratory illness were admitted to hospitals in the whole country.



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              Death Toll From H1N1 Influenza Rises to 12 in Myanmar

              A dozen people have died and 62 others have been confirmed as infected with the latest H1N1 swine flu outbreak to hit Myanmar, a senior government health ministry official said Monday.
              ?According to the latest information we have as of July 31, a total of 213 cases were registered, 62 have been confirmed as being infected with H1N1, and 12 have died of the virus,? said Than Tun Aung, deputy director general of Department of Public Health under the Ministry of Health and Sports.
              He also said that the contagious infection has killed mostly middle-aged people.
              Than Tun Aung urged the public to protect themselves from the flu by following instructions presented by the government in health awareness campaigns about the virus.



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                Myanmar schools in 10km radius of H1N1 virus infected area closed

                After the reported outbreaks of H5N1 and H1N1 virus, schools located within a 10-km radius of the infected area in Dawei Township of Myanmar from August 1 to 7 have been ordered closed.
                Tanintharyi Region Education Officer Office has decided to close schools located within a 10-km radius of the infected area in Dawei Township from August 1 to 7 after the reported outbreaks of H5N1 and H1N1 virus.
                H1N1 virus or swine flu is a respiratory disease contracted through contact between humans and pigs and transmitted between people through inhalation.



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                  H1N1 toll rises to 13, with 99 confirmed infections

                  The health ministry reported 284 patients were hospitalised with severe respiratory illness and are still being observed.
                  The latest victim to succumb to H1N1 was a woman from Athote township in Ayeyarwady Region, who was transferred to a hospital in Yangon since July 19. She died early Tuesday.
                  ?We are trying our best but we need the help of the public to control the disease,? Dr Than Tun Aung, deputy director general of Public Health said. ?We are trying to reduce the deaths.?
                  He said that 18 H1N1 patients were cured and discharged.



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                    Swine flu death toll reaches 16

                    A four-year-old from Yekyi Township and a man from Pyin Oo Lwin have died from H1N1 swine flu, bringing the death toll to 16. "Due to prolonged tuberculosis, the child was weak. He was taken to hospital on August 31 and died on July 1," said medical superintendent of Hinthada hospital Dr Toe Toe Aung. Another patient from Pyin Oo Lwin was suffering kidney disease and needed kidney dialysis. According to the Mandalay Region's health department, there were seven H1N1 suspected cases last week. One in Pyin Oo Lwin hospital had died, one in Mandalay was discharged from hospital and another was still receiving medical treatment. Since July 21, 110 suspected H1N1 patients have reportedly been treated in hospital. MP Thein Tun has called for more public education. In Yangon Region, 143 patients were treated and 42 were positive with H1N1 and six were dead while in Weibargi Hospital, 30 were being treated. Since July 24, rapid response teams were visiting the homes of H1N1 patients and their neighbours.



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                      62 patients infected with H1N1 still undergo medical treatment

                      A total of 62 patients infected with H1N1 are still undergoing medical treatment in hospitals across the country, with most patients getting better. Lab tests were performed for 22 H1N1 suspected patients on August 6 and 7, eight of whom were found to have been infected with the H1N1 virus that cause swine flu. From July 21 to August 6, there were 409 respiratory patients admitted to hospitals across the country with 154 were found to have been infected with H1N1 virus. There have been sixteen deaths due to H1N1 virus so far. Eighty-seven children under age-5 tested positive for H1N1 virus, with two being deceased. Twenty-six children between age-5 and age-12 tested positive for H1N1 virus, with two deceased. 248 people between age-13 and age-65 tested positive for H1N1, with 11 dead. 26 persons above age-65 tested positive for H1N1 with reported fatalities. Death rate accounts for 3.9 percent, according to the announcement dated on August 6. Although H1N1 virus was found 13 patients died not because of consequences of seasonal flu but because of other diseases. As of August 7, 19 H1N1 infected patients were being admitted at Waibargi Hospital, Yangon Region. 43 H1N1 infected patients are undergoing medical treatment in the hospitals across the country. Most of the patients have been positively responding to treatment and will soon be discharged from the hospital. The Ministry of Health and Sports is placing special emphasis on prevention and response preparedness against H1N1 virus in Yangon, Ayeyawady and Bago Regions where are the most H1N1 affected places. As of August 7 in Yangon Region, there are 195 patients receiving medical treatment at hospitals. 78 patients have been found to have been infected with H1N1, with ten deaths being reported. There are a total of 26 patients undergoing medical treatment at Waibargi Hospital. On August 6, six patients were discharged from Waibargi Hospital and a patient infected with H1N1 died of other disease.



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                        H1N1 death toll rises to 19: ministry

                        Seventeen more people were confirmed to have been infected with the virus during the last 24 hours, bringing to 183 the total number of confirmed H1N1 patients in the country since the outbreak was first reported on July 21.
                        ?We are trying to control the disease. The infection is still beig found in communities. So, we can?t say we have controlled. We are carefully observing the situation,? Dr Than Tun Aung, Deputy Director General told The Myanmar Times.
                        He added that it is not only health department that should work to control the spread of H1N1 but also the public?s cooperation is very important to control the disease.



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                          73 people have been hospitalized for H1N1 in Myanmar

                          NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar -- According to a statement issued by Myanmar's Ministry of Health, 73 patients who are confirmed to have been infected with seasonal H1N1 are receiving treatment at hospitals
                          Most of the patients are getting better, the statement says.
                          From July 21 to Aug. 13, 230 out of 617 hospitalized patients were found to be infected with H1N1, and the death toll reached 23.

                          The ministry is prioritising prevention and rapid response to H1N1 in Yangon, Bago and Ayeyawady, where the highest infection rates have been reported.
                          The death toll among patients with chronic diseases, pregnant mothers and children is high. The mortality rate among children under the age of seven who are infected with H1N1 is 40 percent, according to the ministry.

                          Yangon tops the list of H1N1 transmission cases.



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                            Death toll from swine flu reaches 25 in Myanmar

                            YANGON, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Death toll from seasonal influenza A/H1N1-2009, also known as swine flu, reached 25 in Myanmar as of Tuesday sine the outbreak of the disease in July, Myanmar News Agency reported Wednesday.
                            The number of deaths climbed to 25 as seven new cases of H1N1 were confirmed over the last two days, the Ministry of Health and Sports was quoted as saying.
                            A total of 242 people were found infected with the virus across the country since July 21.
                            Patients contracting with the virus have been receiving treatment at designated specialist hospitals.
                            So far, no infection was found to health staff or officials who are treating the H1N1 patients, the ministry's statement said.



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                              First H1N1 death recorded in Kayin State

                              A woman in Kayin (Karen) State has died of swine flu, one of just two diagnosed cases in the state, medical officials at the Kayin State General Hospital confirmed on August 15.

                              During a press conference, Dr Kyaw Myint, the hospital?s medical superintendent, said that out of the state?s 14 suspected cases, the hospital has confirmed two patients with H1N1, or swine flu, including the deceased.
                              Ma Yoon Pa Pa Hlaing passed away at 11:30am on August 11, the same day she was admitted to the hospital. Her case of swine flu was confirmed by the National Health Laboratory. The other patient with a confirmed case, Shin Pyinnyar Wuntha, 18, is recovering now, Dr Kyaw Myint said.
                              ?On a state-scale, there are 11 [suspected H1N1] patients in Hpa-an General Hospital and one patient in Myawady. Currently, two cases have been confirmed in our hospital. One of them is the deceased, Ma Yoon Pa Pa Hlaing, and the other is a monk,? he told KIC News.