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Rabies outbreak occurred in Mongolia to increase its market companies concerned about the degree of animal vaccines

据媒体报道,蒙古国中戈壁、巴彦洪戈尔等省发现牲畜、动物感染狂犬病疫情,部分地区靠近中国边 境。
According to media reports, Mongolia, the Gobi, Bayanhongor found in provinces such as livestock, animal infected with rabies epidemic in some areas near the Chinese border.
今年春季,蒙古国牲畜感染狂犬病病例呈上升趋势,狂犬病病毒从牲畜传染人的可能性也很高,据当地媒体报道, 据不完全统计 ,截至2月底蒙古国全国因雪灾和低温天气造成近300万头(只)牲畜死亡。
This spring,

Mongolia, livestock infected with rabies cases on the rise, rabies virus from animals to infect humans the possibility of also high, according to local media reports, according to incomplete statistics, as the country of Mongolia by the end of February due to snow and cold weather has resulted in almost 300 10000 (only) the death of livestock.

With the three mid-and late temperature rise, if the death of livestock can not be timely clean-up, buried, and livestock will increase the possibility of the outbreak.
We believe that, due to very close to Mongolia from the pastoral area of Inner Mongolia, the epidemic may spread to the domestic market.

In addition to rabies, need to note that the spread of foot and mouth epidemic and so on, we expect that mainland China will step up monitoring of the epidemic.

重点关注上市公司为中牧股份600195 ),公司作为动物疫苗的行业龙头,产品种类、份额都居国内第一,是行业最大的受益者,我们预计公司2009 -2011年EPS分别是:0.62、0.92和1.12元,给予 推荐 评级
Focus on listed companies in the grazing stock (600,195), the company as a leading animal vaccine industry, product category, share of China's first home is the biggest beneficiary of the industry, we expect our 2009-2011 EPS are: 0.62,0.92 and 1.12 yuan, given "recommended" rating.
此外, 金宇集团天康生物等企业也有动物疫苗业务,也会从行业的发展中受益。
In addition, Jinyu Group, Kang bio-days there are companies such as animal vaccines business, will also benefit from the development of the industry.