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Swine Flu Death Toll Rise to 26

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  • Swine Flu Death Toll Rise to 26


    Swine Flu Death Toll Rise to 26
    Written by Ch.Sumiyabazar
    Friday, December 11, 2009.

    The death toll of the A/H1N1 pandemic flu virus in Mongolia rose to 26 on Wednesday.

    Two additional women, aged 20-30, have died of the virus strain since Mongolian government declared that it contained the pandemic disease. The number of people who were infected with the A/H1N1 virus went up to 1183, 798 of whom were reported in Ulaanbaatar and 385 in other provinces. Males accounted 550 (46.5%) and females 633 (53.5%). 239(20.3%) cases occurred among children under four years old; 167(14.2%) were 5-9 years old; 277(23.5%) were 10-19 years old, 483(40.9%) were 20-59 years old, 14(1.2%) were above 60 years of age group.

    Out of registered 26 fatal cases caused by novel A(H1N1) viruses at the nationwide, 13 cases registered in Ulaanbaatar, five in Ovorkhangai, two in Omnogobi and Dornogobi each and one in Bulgan, Arkhangai, Sukhbaatar, Dundgobi provinces respectively. 14 people are receiving hospitalized treatments at the National Center for Communicable Diseases.
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