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Male, Maldives capital, groundwater unsanitary

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  • Male, Maldives capital, groundwater unsanitary

    Ground water in some parts of Male’ is not good enough for hygiene purposes, said Senior Medical Officer Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed of Center for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC.)Speaking at a meeting held to brief the media about swine flu situation in the country, Dr Jamsheed said that water available in public toilets of some areas in the capital city was not good enough for sanitory purposes.

    Dr Jamsheed added that some people use ground water instead of using desalinated water to cut back on costs and cautioned this was not a sound practice, especially these days when there is a pandemic alert in the country.

    Speaking about the importance of washing hands thoroughly using soap, he advised to make soap available in toilets of schools, hospitals and other places.

    Dr Jamsheed also said that some work was done to provide information to students on hygienic practices but added that this program has to be further expanded. He noted that provisions should be made available for students to practice what they have been preached about cleanliness.

    Giving an update on swine flu situation in the country, Dr Jamsheed said that in islands where swine flu is confirmed to exist, no further test for swine flu has been conducted for new cases of people with common cold like symptoms, but these people are being administered medicines. He said that these patients who are being medicated, will not face any complications.

    “ Complication will arise if they are careless in taking medicine on time and regularly.”said Dr Jamsheed. He added medicines will no longer have any effect on such people who are careless in taking medications.