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Kuantan suspect A/H1N1 cluster

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  • Kuantan suspect A/H1N1 cluster

    更新: April 5, 2010 23:32 Updated: April 5, 2010 23:32

    High fever, cough, flu Supremacy of girls cited the death of
    (Kuantan 5 News) A (H1N1) influenza outbreak again, Kuantan, a Chinese American girl killed suspected influenza A infection, caused by influenza A hoax!
    Kuantan, a 5-year-old girl with asthma, before his death lived in Kuantan Fei Ngo Temple Road area, because of his illness, was recently admitted to hospital intensive care unit was (ICU) 3 days, unfortunately, passed away at last Saturday and on Sundays funeral.

    As the girl's symptoms of influenza A is very similar to her mother that her daughter is suffering from influenza A, and she hopes parents will keep proper custody of children, do not take their child to public places or places full of people.

    In any case, Pengzhou local government, the environment and health committee chairman Datuk He Qiwen today by the advisory said, the hospital use of rapid testing equipment testing, girls report was negative, that is, non-infected with influenza A, the death of the girl child in the afternoon.

    He said the girls complained to their parents last month, not 31, high fever and cough, his parents sent immediately to Kuantan girl in a private hospital for treatment.

    "3 days after taking drugs, girls, the situation had improved, but when the morning on the 3rd of this month, girls parents find child's face turns black, then immediately send girls to the same private hospital."

    My sister had the same symptoms

    In addition, He Qiwen said that the girl's sister had the same symptoms of high fever and cough that is now sent to private hospitals for treatment by their parents.

    He also said that girls attending kindergarten has its own closed for several days, the park's closure has nothing to do with the A-type influenza. In any case, the Ministry of Health has been monitoring the situation in kindergartens.
    He Quanqing Kuantan public not to panic, if not found, presented with symptoms similar to influenza A, the subject to promote to the doctor, hospital, after receiving the suspected disease cases and immediately opened for the treatment of patients with type A influenza drugs.
    ďThe only security we have is our ability to adapt."