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Japan: 2 children infected with H1N1 in serious condition

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  • Japan: 2 children infected with H1N1 in serious condition

    Google translated from Japanese to French to English.

    Young girl - 5 years old - in serious conditon with neurological symptoms (not unusual in Japan, seems to be related to extensive use of Tamiflu ) and a 12 year old boy on the respirator in ICU.

    Children with severe new flu / Yokohama

    September 14

    County on September 14, young girls in Hiratsuka (5) infected with influenza
    pandemic influenza, encephalitis and acute encephalopathy (influenza) has announced that it
    took. "His condition is serious but stable" he said.

    According to Japan, girls are 12 am, from 38.2 in visits to institutions
    medical had a high fever. Tamiflu has been prescribed has been diagnosed
    with the flu. Another hospital for medical crises and disturbances
    consciousness after going home, received a diagnosis of encephalopathy

    14 new influenza infection was confirmed by genetic testing days.
    The girl had a history of asthma.

    Yokohama, the same day, six boys among primary school students in the city,
    Tsuzuki-ku (12) are infected by the pandemic, hospital unit
    Intensive care (ICU) announced that treatment with a respirator on
    . The
    boy had a history of bronchial asthma. Patients with influenza
    severe pandemic in the city by the same class, a boy of five years (11)
    after the second.

    According to the city, 12-year-old boy two visits to the hospital the morning of
    July 39, the heat out of a neighborhood once. The next day was
    hospitalized three days after a hospital visit to the doctor because of
    groggy. The City Institute of Public Health conducted a test day
    DNA 14 has been confirmed influenza pandemic.

    Received a diagnosis of pandemic influenza in eight days in hospital
    intensive care at the same grade boy was treated for five years, left
    intensive care to improve the symptoms, he remains hospitalized.

    Updated: September 14 23:00

    Thanks to Makoto for the link
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