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Japan, 45 year old man in Osaka suspected to have died of new flu

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  • Japan, 45 year old man in Osaka suspected to have died of new flu

    google translated

    New Flu, killed 45-year old man in Osaka, Japan 12 th ...

    September 9 20:13 minutes Yomiuri Shimbun delivered

    May 9 Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Shijonawate men were infected with pandemic influenza (45) announced the death.

    Cause of death is unknown. Death of suspected cases of infection, including 12 th in Japan. The man had no previous illness and chronic disease.

    According to the office, men yesterday, continued to receive medical care for low-grade fever, and was diagnosed with influenza A simple test type.

    Fever subsides, but the administration of Tamiflu, on Thursday morning, the family found a man lying at his home. Died in hospital.

    Office is "I do not know whether the new killer flu," and that.

    thanks to Makoto for the link
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    Re: Japan, 45 year old man in Osaka suspected to have died of new flu

    National News

    New flu deaths in Osaka without underlying disease died 12 th unknown
    2009/09/09 2009/09/09

    May 9 Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Shizyounawate city year-old man was infected with pandemic influenza (45) announced that it has died. Killed 12 suspected cases including domestic th.

    According to the government rather than the underlying disease, died after normal body temperature. Relationship between mortality and cause of death and pandemic influenza is unknown.

    Which of the three men from pain and fever in a single 37 degrees, seven days a nearby clinic and was diagnosed positive for type A, taking Tamiflu. 9 9 Monday morning at home with no symptoms who had 1, 11 am to find someone lying unconscious when his wife came home early. Is approximately one hour later confirmed dead at the hospital, more (PCR) tests showed a new infection.,sbd:1
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