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School closes class due to H1N1 case

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    Re: School closes class due to H1N1 case

    29 classes given H1N1 closure order this year

    Hasrulraizam Feb 3rd, 2010

    FROM the start of the first term of school on January 4 this year until yesterday, the School Service Unit, Health Service Department, Ministry of Health has ordered 29 classes in schools to temporarily shut due to Influenza A (H1N1) infectjon.

    In 2009, 246 classes throughout the country were ordered to close temporarily by the School Service Unit.

    Director of the Health Service, Dr Hajah Maslina Haji Mohsin said that if a student is infected with H1N1, the classroom will be notified for closure for five to seven days, starting from the day the student is infected.

    So far, all of the students who have been infected with H1N1 had not been vaccinated.

    She called on the public to go to any H1N1 vaccination centre to get vaccinated for free.

    She said that there have been no side-effects experienced by the 17,000 people who have received the H1N1 vaccine so far, except for minor fever.

    She advised parents not to send their children to school if they have a fever but to take them directly to a clinic.

    She said there is no need to close the whole school if only one student is infected ? just the class of the infected student.

    A government primary school ordered the closure of two classes yesterday for three days after receiving notification from the School Service Unit that a student in each class was infected with H1N1.

    The school has an H1N1 Emergency Action Plan which lists three main actions to be taken by the teachers.

    First is to inform the school administration staff; then call the Health Promotion Centre 8220991 or 7180991; and then to call the Administration Unit, Ministry of Education at 223710 or 2232711.

    As an additional step, the school principal asked the teachers to take down the names of their students, who have just returned from overseas, and to give the list to the school administration.

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    started a topic School closes class due to H1N1 case

    School closes class due to H1N1 case

    School closes class due to H1N1 case

    Achong Tanjong and Hj Minor Absah Jan 29th, 2010

    ONE of the Year Six classes at Pusar Ulak Primary School in the capital was closed yesterday until February 1, 2010 after one of the students was detected to be infected with the H1N1 virus.

    The 11-year-old student was checked at Sengkurong Clinic where his condition was confirmed after the inspection process done by the School Services Department, Ministry of Health.

    School headmistress, Hjh Fatimah Haji Ali, said the school has issued a notice to students on the closure. She said the affected students will be given homework to replace their usual class work.

    She urged parents not to let their children leave their home. The class of 25 students was asked to go home at 10am yesterday after receiving an order from the Ministry of Health.

    They were advised not to have close contact with those staying together in their house and to check their body temperature daily.

    Since the 2009 year-end school holidays, there has been an increase in H1N1 cases from 15 in the first week when school reopened to 27 cases, said the Director of Health Services, Dr Hjh Maslina recently.

    She said in the last three months, there were less than 10 H1N1 cases.