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Flu strain now in Samtse

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  • Flu strain now in Samtse

    About 90 percent of the 190 students of Taba Dramtoe community primary school (CPS) in Samtse that reported sick with flu like symptoms since June 2 are suffering from H1N1, according to Samtse district hospital officials.

    The Samtse district health officer (DHO), Tshering Wangchuk, said that 17 samples were sent to the public health laboratory in Thimphu last week, of which 10 random samples were selected and tested positive.

    ?A report received on July 12 stated that, of the 10 samples, nine tested positive; which means that about 90 percent of the students are suffering from H1N1,? said Tshering Wangchuk.

    The principal of Taba Dramtoe CPS, Wangchuk Drukpa, said they immediately informed the Samtse district hospital when so many students fell ill. ?A team from the hospital visited the school and examined all the students,? he said, adding that many students were on leave.

    There are 334 students at Taba Dramtoe CPS. Tading is a three-day official walk from Samtse, while it?s a day?s walk from Phuentsholing.

    Meanwhile, a team led by a doctor from Sibsoo left for Dorokha on June 9, after students of Dorokha middle secondary school also reported sick with flu like symptoms. As of June 12 afternoon, the team examined and treated 339 students, who reported flu like symptoms, said the DHO. 40 were admitted in the BHU. ?Ten cases were referred to Samtse hospital since June 12,? said the DHO. Some students were also tested for malaria and typhoid, of which only one was diagnosed as typhoid.

    On the advice of the team, the school was also closed for five days.

    Meanwhile, the number of students falling sick in Wamrong is gradually decreasing, according to Dr Dorji Penjor of Riserboo hospital, where about 40 to 50 students were treated everyday recently.

    ?Now only about 15 students turn up with complaints similar to H1N1.? Only two fell ill from the virus.

    ?Earlier the weather was rainy and the humidity aided in spreading the virus. These days the weather has improved and it helps control the virus, which is spread through droplets,? said Dr Dorji Penjor. ?It?ll be controlled eventually,? said the doctor.

    The public health lab declared eight of the 13 samples collected from the students as H1N1.

    The Tashitse principal said that measures have been taken to stop the disease from spreading.

    ?We?ve cancelled gatherings like prayers, regular studies in the morning, evening and night,? said principal Passang Norbu. ?The windows and doors of the halls and rooms are also kept open, so that the students aren?t infected,? he added.

    However, he said, the infection is catching students everyday. Everyday we refer those complaining from the similar symptoms to the hospitals.

    Exams in the school started on June 12. The school would hold exam for the second time for those sick students, who missed it this time, the principal said. Of the two, who missed exams so far, one was due to H1N1. Three students were admitted in the hospital yesterday.

    A student patient in the hospital, Singye Samdrup, was admitted the day before with headache, high fever and loss of appetite. About five students from about 24 in his hostel fell ill before him.

    ?We?re wearing masks but still I got infected,? said Singye a class XII student. ?I?m worried how I?ll be able to attend the exams.? His exams start on June 16.

    Influenza A (H1N1) is a highly contagious disease and can turn severe in people suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, and chronic smokers? diseases like bronchitis and lung diseases, and in pregnant women, said doctors.

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    Bhutan: 20 schools closed for 2 weeks

    home Influenza A (H1N1) Outbreak 16 June, 2010 - With hundreds of students in Samtse reporting sick with flu like symptoms since the beginning of this month, the 20 schools in the dzongkhag will shut down for two weeks, as a preventive measure against the spread of influenza A (H1N1).

    The two weeks will also be considered as their summer break, which starts today.

    Students will sit for their midterm examinations after the summer break, according to the dzongkhag education officer. The mid term examination will begin on July 1 and July 2. ?Most of the students, who were ill, haven?t recovered still,? said the education officer. Normal classes would resume right after the midterm examination.

    A teacher of Samtse lower secondary school said that the students will not be affected much with such changes. ?But if influenza A (H1N1) spreads fast, it would be a problem for schools and students alike,? he said.

    Three days after 339 students of Dorokha middle secondary school, who reported flu like symptoms, were treated, students of Chengmari lower secondary school also fell ill with similar symptoms.

    Dr PM Pradhan of Sibsoo hospital, who led a team to Chengmari LSS, said that about 156 students were examined and treated on June 13. ?We collected around seven samples that were sent to the public health laboratory in Thimphu,? said the doctor.

    Meanwhile, Samtse district hospital officials are still awaiting reports on the samples collected from students in Dorokha, while about 90 percent of the 190 students of Taba Dramtoe community primary school in Samtse that reported sick with flu like symptoms since June 2 are diagnosed with influenza A (H1N1), according to Samtse district hospital officials.

    By Kinga Dema