"China and ASEAN defense and security dialogue," March 29 to 31 in Beijing. 3 days ago, all the participating defense officials and experts around the "regional security and defense policy" to start a serious discussion topic.

Although there are some specific De Wen Ti different views, but we are not accusing each other, but mutual respect, sincere exchanges. Our common desire, as president of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences Liu Chengjun speech at the opening ceremony said, was to "embark on a unique security cooperation in East Asia the way."

Factors affecting regional security. China and ASEAN countries are close neighbors in East Asia is the common homeland of all peoples, the region is inseparable from the rapid development of a peaceful and stable security environment. Although the whole, the area of peace and development remain the basic state, but a negative impact on regional security situation, the factors that continues to grow. In this regard, the Indonesian armed forces, Tobin, director of strategic studies and even a "supermarket" word to describe the diversity of these factors.

Tobin appears in these additional factors, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering and other transnational crimes, avian flu and other malignant diseases, international terrorism and earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. These problems are usually not a single country can solve.

Malaysia's Defense Intelligence Agency Lin Weibin staff representatives to call attention to traditional security threats, such as territorial disputes, competition for resources, ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts, and religious forces and the conflict between secular forces, and so on. "Although the overall trend of the post-Cold War world peace and stability, but at the district level, these traditional security threats still exist."

Various threats to regional security cooperation and of course a challenge, but after all also belong to objective factors, compared to, from regional security cooperation on the Subjects of the impact appears more complex.

In recent years, a number of major countries outside the region and the ASEAN countries frequently bilateral and multilateral cooperation in military security, and regional defense and security cooperation mechanisms of various initiatives and ideas. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of International Studies Raja Chen Sicheng this complicated state of mind: "This not only demonstrates the openness of regional security cooperation, but also contribute significantly to regional security cooperation in the complexity and uncertainty. "

Regional security mechanisms need to improve efficiency. In recent years, with the APEC and the "10 +3" mechanism started to pay attention and other multilateral security issues, the region of a track, track two and a half tracks coexist on multiple levels, various forms of security cooperation, interaction and dialogue with each other network. However, the form does not mean the functional diversity of sound. As has always stressed the informal nature of cooperation and flexibility, many of the regional defense cooperation in the field of informal dialogue and consultations are mainly Mo You integration mechanism for defense cooperation, 更 no comprehensive blueprint for resolving regional security issues.

"One important of reasons, is the East Asian regional security cooperation mechanism in the development process, has followed forward to the parties involved feel comfortable and principles." Military academy military Yan Jiu Shi Jie Liu Lin Biao Shi Department, this large decrease occurring Chongtu risk, but the result is a consequence of inefficient cooperation in the future the parties need to adhere to principles of the comfort, give more consideration to how to make cooperation more practical and efficient.

Lin Weibin speech also pointed out that even the "first track" the most important aspects of the ASEAN Regional Forum, only as a platform for dialogue, neither the guiding document, there is no organizational structure, let alone a unified command Centre. Due to the lack of binding members, the lack of mobility of the crisis, many security features can only be limited in the confidence-building measures and conflict prevention to some extent, for the specific safety problem solving is inefficient.

Mechanism for regional characteristics vitality. After the Cold War for a long time, the region's multilateral security cooperation in the diplomatic service primarily You Geguo to complete. But in recent years, as countries face increasingly serious non-traditional security challenges, security is also increasingly involved in the Lingyu expansion of national defense departments and Yuelai Yue and more of the other functions also have Can Yudao security cooperation in the process of Lai.

Vietnam's Institute of Military Strategy Defense Deputy Secretary of International Relations at the meeting on the said Wu Wenqing, Vietnam will be held in May to make recommendations on the ASEAN defense ministers meeting, invited the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand, to join the dialogue and hope that through high-level contacts, to further promote the region's security and defense cooperation.

Wu Wenqing said that if the consensus of ASEAN defense ministers agreed to "dialogue partners of ASEAN plus" model used in the field of defense dialogue, the first expansion of the ASEAN secretary of defense will be expected to be held during the end of the ASEAN summit.

As countries at different levels of development, security and cooperation mechanism is also diverse. ASEAN Regional Forum, ASEAN +3, ASEAN +1, the East Asia Summit, Shangri-La Dialogue, Asia-Pacific Security Cooperation Council ... ... some of these to outsiders looking at the name of dizziness in the Philippines National Defense College of Defence Management Studies, Ms. Qiao Kuien It seems that precisely reflects the diversity of the East Asian multilateral security mechanisms and inclusive features. She pointed out that in recent years, the ASEAN Regional Forum, expanding to cover the issues of confidence-building measures, counter-terrorism, combating transnational crime and disaster relief cooperation in other fields. "These meetings will give members the results of a more comfortable, and enhance mutual trust. Comfort principle yes we Dequ a feature of security cooperation, in which different mechanisms of vitality."

"Southeast Asia's regional security situation and the rest of the world are not the same." Masood Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College, noted that the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations organization is relatively loose. "But we respect the sovereignty of member states, non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, and the first to use diplomatic means to solve the problem, which the parties involved in security cooperation, almost no pressure."

Exchanges to enhance mutual trust and cooperation for security. Sow mutual trust, cooperation, seed, looking forward to harvest the fruits of security and stability. As the Military Academy of Sciences Liu Chengjun said, "Security is our common needs, maintaining security is our shared responsibility, seeking security through cooperation is our common faith." Joint efforts of all countries, with distinctive regional security cooperation in East Asia widening the road will.