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Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

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  • Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

    Total deaths - 32? Updated 7/17

    Brunei: (1 case confirmed)
    1. Child, 12 yrs. Died/reported 7/2. "The patient also had ]Auto-immune Hepatitis end stage liver failure and pneumonia and has been in critical condition since June 26." Here

    China: (1 case confirmed in HK?)*

    1. Male, 42 yrs. Reported 7/16. Died 7/10 in Hong Kong. "The man flew to Hong Kong from the Philippines on June 28 and left two days later on board a cargo ship. He came down with a fever, cough and chest pain on July 3 and was admitted to Ruttonjee Hospital with pneumonia on July 8. He then had respiratory failure and died. While earlier tests found community-associated methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA) in the man's blood sample, the centre last night discovered he also tested positive for the human swine flu virus. Centre Controller Dr Thomas Tsang said today more laboratory tests and a post-mortem examination will be conducted to find out the cause of the man's death. He did not rule out the possibility of human swine flu being a factor." See post #3 Here

    *Female, 34 yrs. Died/reported 7/1. She "was found dead at 7:35 a.m. in her ward lavatory at the No.1 People's Hospital of Xiaoshan District in Hangzhou...The patient was recovering as her temperature had been normal for a week. She coughed occasionally, but other flu symptoms had disappeared. She was admitted to the hospital on June 23." Here

    *Case discarded because she was found to have been electrocuted.

    Philippines: (4 cases confirmed as of 7/17)*

    1. Female, 49 yrs. Died June 19th. She "died of “congestive heart failure and acute myocardial infarction aggravated by pneumonia,” Duque said...She presented flu signs on June 17, such as dry cough, chills and difficulty in breathing just before death on June 19,” said Duque." Here

    2. Male, 19 yrs. Reported 7/15. Died 7/13. Aside from A(H1N1) he had asthma. See post #20 Here

    3. Male, 74 yrs. Reported 7/14. Died 7/13. aside from A(H1N1) he had emphysema. See post #20 Here "suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis and acute kidney failure." Here

    4. Female; 43 yrs. Reported 7/17. Deid 7/15. She was a public school teacher in Muntinlupa City. he patient "was confined in a public hospital on July 12 and died at 4:45 a.m. last Wednesday. The patient vomited and had pneumonia, diarrhea, and fever before she was hospitalized. The patient succumbed to septic shock and community-acquired pneumonia. It was also found out that the victim was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2005. It was not clear if this was also related to her death." Here

    * Reported today that there is a Female; 7 yrs. that died...but the total is still 3 confirmed...article mentions case #3 above but doesnt mention the 19 yrs. old (case # 2) See Here

    Thailand (26 cases confirmed as of 7/16)

    1. Female, 40 yrs. Died 6/20. Reported 1st on 6/27. " From Bangkok" "...was sent to a private hospital on June 8 after falling ill, developed fever and dyspnea and died on June 20"...died from pneumonia and haemoptysis." Here and Here

    2. Male, 42 yrs. Died 6/26. Reported 6/27. " from the central province of Chonburi, also died from complications on June 26. The man, "who recently returned from abroad, had no congenital disease. He fell ill on June 18 with fever and a running nose. He had gone to a pub in Bangkok with friends before developing flu-like symptoms. He was admitted to hospital on June 23 with a high fever, coughing and pneumonia. He was also given oseltamivir, but his condition worsened, and he died on Saturday morning. The other victim, a 40-year old woman, a heart patient, died on June 20 after five days of treatment."'Here

    3. Male, 21 yrs. A Naval conscript. Reported 6/29. "Died in connection with flu A/H1N1 infection on Monday (6/29) morning." "the cadet was admitted there last Monday(6/23?). He had pneumonia." "The naval conscript suffered from bleeding in lungs and his heart stopped beating several times Sunday night.
    Doctors put him on respiratory system but he succumbed to the disease at 9 am Monday." "The 21-year-old navy cadet was obese, which caused him to have weak lungs." Here

    4. Male, 47 yrs. Died/Reported 7/1. He "succumbed to heart and kidney failure at the private hospital." Was a heavy smoker and drinker. Here also posts #56&57 Here

    5. Female, 15 yrs. She was treated at Chonburi Hospital...."the teenage girl suffered from thalassemia and diabetes and had been treated for a brain tumour." See post #57 Here

    6. Male, 30 yrs. "He visited a doctor at a Bangna hospital last Sunday (June 28) after showing flu-like symptoms since June 20. The diagnosis showed him to be suffering from tonsilitis and was given medication by the doctor before he went home for recovery. However, instead of getting better his symptoms worsened and he was admitted to hospital on Tuesday (June 30). The doctor found that the patient experienced severe lung infection and died on July 1...He said the victim was considered overweight at 123 kg and 165 cm height. Here

    7. Female, 37 yrs. Reported 7/4. "the victim suffered fever since June 25-26 and was admitted to hospital in Ratchaburi on July 2 with a lung infection." "the seventh victim was a 37 year-old woman from Ratchaburi who died on Friday night (7/3)." " She was not on an earlier observation list, he said, as the medical professionals were unaware that she had contracted A(H1N1) until lab tests indicated the virus after she had died. " Here

    8. Male, 58 yrs. Reported 7/8. A "man from Bangkok, who died yesterday (7/7), showed he was infected with the H1N1 flu strain and suffering from a lung infection. The man suffered from fever, coughing and fatigue on June 30. He sought medical treatment at Rajavithi Hospital a day later and was found to have kidney failure, high blood pressure and gout." Here

    9. Female, 8 yrs. Reported 7/8. She had leukemia. "The girl was admitted to Phra Chom Klao Hospital in Phetchaburi town on June 23 after exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Her condition deteriorated and she died on Thursday." Here

    10. Male, 19 yrs. Reported 7/8. Died 7/2. He "19-year-old student from Prince of Songkla University at Vachira Hospital in Phuket City." He had a preexisting respiratory condition. Here

    11. Female, 21 yrs. Reported 7/8. Died 7/6. She was from Bangkok and who had been admitted in hospital for a thyroid condition. She died before diagnosis of A/H1N1. Here

    12. Male, 52 yrs. Reported 7/9. He was a "traffic policeman in Bang Na, Bangkok, who suffered from kidney failure." He "earlier underwent a kidney tranplant and was on medication to treat an allergy." Here

    13. Male, 45 yrs. Reported 7/9 He's ""45-year-old man who was sent to a Bangkok hospital on Sunday after developing a high fever. He died the following day." Here Here

    14. Female, 17 yrs. Reported 7/9. She "had been treated in Srinagarind Hospital in Khon Kaen province since July 3. She died on Tuesday(7/7), and her blood test on Thursday afternoon showed that she was positive for the A(H1N1) flu." She had a weak lung. Here

    15. Female, 63 yrs. Reported 7/11. She was "a 63-year-old woman in Samut Prakarn who had heart disease." Here

    16. Male, 45 yrs. Reported 7/11. He was "was admitted to Ayutthaya hospital last Wednesday. He was then in a critical condition suffering from pneumonia and kidney failure. A team of doctors tried to save his life by giving him the antiviral drug oseltamivir and washing his kidney, but they had failed." Also, "died in hospital in the central province of Ayutthaya on Saturday, said Dr. Paichit Varachit, deputy permanent secretary for Public Health. Dr. Paichit said the victim was admitted Monday with multiple indicators including high fever, pneumonia, high blood pressure, leptospirosis and had also contracted the Influenza. Here

    17, Female. Reported 7/12. She is "a woman from Ratchaburi province. The ministry believed the 150-kilogram woman, who may have complications, could be infected while she was working at a computer game shop." Here

    18. Male, 19 yrs. Reported 7/11. Died 7/11. "The man was a worker in a rubber plantation in Thungyai district of the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. He died at hospital on Saturday (7/11) night." Here

    19. Male, 13 yrs. Reported 7/13. The youth died on July 6 in Bangkok. Here

    20. Female, 46 yrs. Reported 7/13. She died in the northeastern province of Sakon Nakhon. Here

    21. Female, 53 yrs. Reported 7/13. She died in Bangkok. Here

    22. Female; 67 yrs. Reported 7/14. She was living in Bangkok. She was min the last stage of lung cancer. Here

    23. Female; 57 yrs. Reported 7/14. She was also living in the capital. Here

    24. Female; 32 yrs. Reported 7/14. She was "from Samut Sakhon. She had asthma and was overweight." Here

    25. Female; 62 yrs. Reported 7/15. Died 7/14. She was "living in Chumphon who weighed 125 kilogrammes. She had caught the virus from her relatives. Dr Anu Thongdaeng of Paknam Chumphon Hospital said the woman had high blood pressure and was too fat. She died on Tuesday morning." See post #79 Here

    26. Female; 21 yrs. Reported 7/16. Died 7/15. She was a "a university student in Sriracha in the eastern seaboard province of Chonburi...Her friend told reporters that she fell sick since June 22 and was admitted to the hospital on the same day. Her condition was stable but she died on July 15. Her family said she had asthma as a congenital disease." Here

    Singapore (1 case confirmed as of 7/18)

    1. Male; 49 yrs. Reported 7/18. Died 7/18. "The Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a statement that he died of a heart attack, contributed by severe pneumonia and H1N1 infection...diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, was admitted to Changi General Hospital on July 16 after four days of flu-like symptoms." Here
    Last edited by Shiloh; July 18th, 2009, 01:49 PM. Reason: Corrected dod and reporting for Philippin cases 2&3

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    Re: Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

    Please let me know if I am missing any. Check regularly for updates.


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      Re: Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

      Updated this morning.


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        Re: Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

        You are missing the death in Hong Kong and the 26th death in Thailand.


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          Re: Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths

          Thanks. I added Thailand #26...the HK death was there but I am not sure it is confirmed.


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            Re: Asia: Tally of A/H1N1 confirmed deaths


            New deaths confirmed A (H1N1) in Southeast Asia
            Thursday, February 11, 2010

            February 11, 2010, 04:48Hanoi, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Health authorities in Vietnam and Thailand today confirmed four deaths from the virus A (H1N1), and warned of potential outbreak due to the spring festivals.

            With the death of a Vietnamese 37 years of age in the northern province of Dien Bien and added 58 deaths from the pandemic in this country, yesterday reported that nearly 11 thousand 200 cases.

            Thailand, in turn, on Thursday reported three new deaths from the dreaded flu, bringing to 201 the number of fatalities.

            The Thai Public Health Minister, Jurin Laksanawisit, said two of the victims were children under 7 years, plus a couple of 27 years who suffered a heart condition.

            Jurin called to continue the vaccination campaign since last January 11 has immunized about 160 thousand Thais.

            rc / cmv