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The growth of sales of the two major products led to the third highest in the history of Ricky’s November revenue of 19.37 million yuan.

Yan Heng Net reporter Lin Yichen Taipei2018/12/06 04:03

Ricky Ocean announced today (6) that the consolidated revenue in November was 19.37 million yuan, a 41% increase, an annual increase of 64%, and the third highest monthly revenue in the calendar year, said Ricky, November. Revenues from the revenues of livestock and pet reagents have grown significantly, driving revenues to rise. The accumulated revenue for the first 11 months was 160 million yuan, a 16% increase over the same period last year.
According to Ricky, due to the substantial growth in sales of livestock and pet reagents, the revenue in November has been boosted. Currently, there are new developments in China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other places. Ricky has opened the China channel through Jin Rui Hongjie established in 2013. At present, it has become the number one market share in China's pet nucleic acid testing market. In addition to the growing demand for pet reagents, livestock reagents are also expanding steadily in China. In addition, the demand for bird flu reagents in Thailand has increased, and the new entrants have entered Saudi Arabia. Stable growth in the region has led to a significant increase in revenue in November.