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Rise in Influenza A cases in Singapore

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  • Rise in Influenza A cases in Singapore

    I just thought that it would be worthwhile to know that Influenza A is alive and well in the Singapore area right now--which would mean that it's also spreading through Indonesia and Malaysia too.

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    Singapore News ?
    Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    Time is GMT + 8 hours
    Posted: 09 July 2006 1704 hrs

    Demand for hospital beds up as flu cases rise
    By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia

    SINGAPORE : Singapore has seen a rise in flu cases since April this year, and that has led to more people getting hospitalised for acute respiratory infections, such as pneumonia.

    The weekly average of people suffering from Influenza A, a particular strain of the virus, was only about one percent in April.

    But last month, the weekly average jumped to a high of 13.5 percent.

    With more people coming down with flu, the number of hospital admissions of pneumonia cases has also gone up.

    In Singapore, flu viruses are common all year round, but serious respiratory infections are noticed in two periods every year -- in April and July, and in November and January.

    They correspond with more flu cases during the winter season in temperate countries.

    Last month, public hospitals here saw a 10 percent increase on average in the number of people visiting the emergency department every week.

    That is over 14,800 patients, up by some 1,500, compared to April.

    This caused a surge in the workload at the public hospitals, especially at Tan Tock Seng.

    In a statement, the Health Ministry says it is monitoring the situation closely.

    The ministry adds that a new general hospital in Yishun, when ready by 2009, will help ease the periodic overcrowding at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. - CNA /ct