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Singapore - People encouraged to use egg powder if egg shortage

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  • Singapore - People encouraged to use egg powder if egg shortage

    China's Agri-Food Council to encourage more people to use egg pulp egg powder

    (2010-03-17 4:15pm) (2010-03-17 4:15 pm)


    (SINGAPORE) The average Chinese person eat an egg a day, local day to eat nearly four million eggs.


    China's Agri-Food Council to encourage people try to use the eggs, syrup and egg powder to avoid eggs out of stock, they are unable to enjoy eggs food system.

    《联合晚报》报道,虽然本地平时的鸡蛋供应量充足,但国家发展部兼教育部高级政务部长傅海燕说,以2004 年马国爆发禽流感,我国鲜蛋短缺,价格上涨4倍为例,我国需通过寻找其他货源以及灵活使用代替品,来提高我 国对食物供应的弹性。

    "United Evening News" report, although the local supply of eggs usually adequate, but the Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Education, Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister, said the 2004 outbreak of avian flu Malaysia, China's egg shortage, prices rose four-fold, for example, China needs to find other sources of goods and flexible through the use of substitutes to increase the flexibility of my country's food supply.


    Following the success of the previous year to encourage people to frozen meat instead of meat, this year for Food and Agriculture will promote education alternatives such as eggs, egg pulp, egg powder use.

    目前,蛋浆和蛋粉因缺乏需求在市场上并不普遍,农粮局将通过一系列活动如烹饪示范、分发样品和开办烹饪课, 鼓励公众尝试,并吸引零售商售卖。

    At present, the eggs pulp and egg powder due to lack of demand in the market are not common, Agri-Food will through a series of activities such as cooking demonstrations, distribution of samples and offer cooking classes, encourage the public to try and attract retailers from selling.

    (编辑:杨丽娟) (Editor: Yang Lijuan)