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S'pore: Indonesian woman with fever, pneumonia tests negative for bird flu in S'pore

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  • S'pore: Indonesian woman with fever, pneumonia tests negative for bird flu in S'pore

    SINGAPORE came close to a bird flu scare yesterday when an Indonesian patient here tested positive for the H5N1 virus. The initial test results, however, turned out to be a false alarm, as all four subsequent tests — including tests on additional specimens — turned up negative. .
    The 64-year-old woman was evacuated here from Indonesia and admitted to the National University Hospital (NUH) on Tuesday. .
    Then, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and immediately isolated in the Intensive Care Unit, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday. Because of her condition, and the fact that she had travelled to the Indonesian city of Semarang where the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in poultry and humans had been reported, a H5N1 diagnostic test was performed on her as a precautionary measure..
    Although the first test suggested a positive result, all subsequent tests were negative. As such tests are highly sensitive and may pick up unrelated particles, it is standard procedure to carry out several tests..
    NUH staff who had contact with the patient were wearing personal protective equipment, and all of them are well..
    Following the incident, the MOH on Friday informed all hospitals of a new protocol for the referral of foreign patients to Singapore to keep imported bird flu cases in check. .
    Hospitals are now required to seek approval from the director of Medical Services, MOH before agreeing to admit patients coming into Singapore for treatment of pneumonia, meningitis, encephalitis and haemorrhagic fever. .
    Said the MOH in a statement: "Both the Ministry and the hospital have been vigilant in monitoring for patients with undifferentiated fever, pneumonia and relevant travel history. All suspect cases are immediately isolated away from other patients (and) strict infection control measures are also in place. .

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    Re: Indonesian woman with fever, pneumonia tests negative for bird flu in S'pore

    Originally posted by Pixie
    This is a very interesting case.

    Is this Indonesian woman a resident of Singapore, and that is the reason she was evacuated to a Singapore hospital? Or is she a high-level Indonesian woman for whom health care in Singapore was sought?

    The most experienced hospital in the world for dealing with bird flu so far is probably Sulianti Saroso in Jakarta, which makes me curious as to why this woman was evacuated from Indonesia and sent to a Singapore hospital, no matter how state-of-the-art they may be.
    There are mediocre hospitals, one level below mediocre hosptials, unbelievable "health clinics", and probably yet only one, small ex-pat treatment clinic in Jakarta. Unless the hospital is a for profit, it will be staffed by locals, with few trained anywhere but in-country.

    If this person could afford to do so, they would do exactly as the did.

    Anyone know what happened to Ryan, the patient?