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Singapore - 200 AVA officers take part in bird flu exercise

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  • Singapore - 200 AVA officers take part in bird flu exercise

    Singapore News

    200 AVA officers take part in bird flu exercise

    By Vimita Mohandas | Posted: 22 March 2012 1010 hrs

    SINGAPORE: Some 200 officers from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) took part in a bird flu exercise Thursday morning.

    Called "Exercise Gallus 6", it aims to test Singapore's readiness when dealing with a bird flu outbreak.

    New processes such as a foam decontamination method and a surveillance of unaffected farms were also carried out.

    The officers, stationed at the AVA's Veterinary Public Health Centre, were tested on their operational readiness during a bird flu outbreak.

    The exercise also tested the efficiency of logistic teams in preparing staff for their assigned duties, and the system of culling and disposal.

    No chickens were culled in the exercise and some 100 sandbags were used instead.

    While it may have been a simulated exercise, the scenario is not far from reality.

    "The threat of bird flu is always there, anywhere in the world. And I think you've read in recent reports that there have been several outbreaks in the area. So we have to continue to be vigilant," said Tan Poh Hong, CEO of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

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