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Pakistan - Migratory birds monitored for bird flu

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  • Pakistan - Migratory birds monitored for bird flu

    ...... Sindh Avian Influenza Control Programme (AICP) Coordinator Dr Aslam Jalali said while talking to Daily Times that migratory birds, which are now present in the country, are considered as a strong source of viral diseases, particularly bird flu.

    He said that samples for test of bird flu from migratory birds are being collected regularly across Pakistan under AICP. He said that the department is aware of the vulnerability of the issue and is completely alert.

    At the other hand the situation of the health sector is very weak across Pakistan. National Institute of Health, Islamabad is the only institute, which has the capability to conduct the test of bird flu. In all the four provinces of the country there is no laboratory, which has the said facility. .......