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Undiagnosed fatal illness in Nepal

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  • Undiagnosed fatal illness in Nepal

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    Four die of unknown disease
    Kantipur Report
    BARDIYA, July 26 - Four people died and more than a dozen others were taken ill by an unknown disease at Neulapur-2 of Bardiya district within the past one week.

    Jeevan Kumar Shahi, a local, said Radha Chaudhary, Sher Bahadur Chaudhary, Amresara Tharu and an unidentified pregnant woman died of the disease.

    The patients struck by the mystery illness fall unconscious with severe pain from the head to the chest as if they had been stung by poisonous insects. But the patients do not show any mark of insect bites on them, say locals.

    The local District Public Health Office said it would soon dispatch a medical team to the affected area to treat the ill and identify the disease.

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    Re: Undiagnosed fatal illness in Nepal

    Nepal has also just culled chickens in that area due to suspected bird flu (in birds). The symptomatic description in the first article falls squarely under the nonsense description (sensation of being stung by poisonous insects?), so any illness is possible.

    Nepal culls thousands of chicks allegedly smuggled from India
    Updated on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 19:15 IST Kathmandu: Over 3,000 chicks allegedly smuggled into Nepal from India have been culled in Kapilvastu district as a preventive measure against bird flu.

    A team of patrolling Nepal Police seized over 3,000 chicks, smuggled from Gorakhpur in India through secret routes, from Everest Feed Factory in Kapilvastu district of southern Nepal, officials said today.

    Acting on a tip-off, the police officers impounded the poultry and culled them, chief of Armed Police Force, Pipara, Chandra Gaire said.

    The import of livestock products, including chicken and egg, from India and China has been banned in Nepal following the detection of bird flu in the neighbouring countries along the border.

    Last week also police had culled chicks imported from India in Bardiya and Banke districts.

    Despite several measures to discourage cross-country poultry trade to check the spread of bird flu, traders have been taking advantage of open border and importing poultry products from the neighbouring countries.