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Myanmar - Chinese eggs on sale amid bird flu threat

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  • Myanmar - Chinese eggs on sale amid bird flu threat

    Chinese eggs on sale amid bird flu threat

    Submitted by Eleven on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 16:14
    Htun Lin Aung

    Illegally imported eggs from China are available amid the prevalence of bird flu in mainland China, reports say.
    Most of the products end up in Kachin State. The vendors in Myitkyina offered 11 eggs for Ks1,000 (US$0.73) until February 20. Trucks loaded with eggs were entering Lweje and Kanpiteti until February 22, according to residents.

    Wai Lin, the Kachin State minister for finance, tax and planning, said: ?We?ve sent samples to the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] and the results haven't been announced. The eggs and meat are coming through illegal routes.?
    Dr Yane Nyaw, deputy director of the livestock and veterinary department, said: ?The import of animal products should be banned at this time....
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