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Outbreak of flu in Myammar

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  • Outbreak of flu in Myammar

    A severe influenza outbreak among school children in Si Poe Khee village, Pai Kyone Township last week has so far infected more than 40 children.

    Saw Mu Ka Paw, the Si Poe Khee school?s head master said many children were unable to attend school and people are worried the influenza will infect adults.

    ?We don't have any clinic in our village or neighboring villages. We are working with what we?ve got - Paracetamol but that?s all the medicine we have. The flu is infecting more and more children everyday and we are also seeing adults with the symptoms.?

    Mu Ka Paw said the village needs emergency relief medicine for at least infected by the influenza. Mu Ka Paw said the symptoms are fever, coughing, sneezing, and sore throat.

    Saw Ehklu, a senior official with the Karen Department of Health and Welfare explained that his organization try to educate villagers to be able to control seasonable outbreaks of influenza.

    ?The daily rains during the monsoon period make people sick. We are currently coordinating with our local medical workers to send medicine to the village and the area.?
    Si Poe Khee and neighboring villages in Pai Kyone Township were caught in the conflict when the Burma Army attacked the Karen National Union?s Brigade 7 in 2009. Since then the health care system in the surrounding villages has been non-existents.

    Si Poe Khee School was established in May 2011 and has about 80 students studying at the school from seven villages in the area - Wah Mi Kla, Way Kyaw Klo, Pa New Pu, Po Pop Lay, Wah Pu Klo and Pa Tar.