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  • _|MALDIVES: Health Ministry warns to eat well cooked chicken|_

    Health Ministry warns to eat well cooked chicken

    04 August 2008

    Ministry of Health has warned to eat well cooked frozen chicken as a strong preventive measure against bird flu.

    Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Abdul Azeez Yoosuf answering a question from Maidhu daily confirmed there is no bird flu in the country but he warned to take all preventive measures to keep the country free from the disease.

    Dr Azee further said there is no danger arising from poultry firms in the country.

    But he said we have to be watchful about migratory birds which travel across the Maldives during some seasons.

    Dr. Azee made these remarks when he was asked whether there is bird flu in the Maldives and whether frozen chicken has a risk of spreading the disease.

    Miadhu asked these questions following rumours of bird flu in the country after some chicks and birds in assorted colours in the Night Market were banned.

    There was high concern among public about these rumours and many people preferred to eat fish instead of chicken following these rumours.

    There was concern about a sudden increase in the price of fish which is already very expensive.

    But Dr. Azee was very confident of the situation in the country and he said there was no danger of eating frozen chicken but it must be cooked well, he advised.

    He further said bird flu is acquired through diseased live chicken when you touch it and pluck its feathers.

    The risk of this disease is from live birds, ducks and chicken, he said.

    That is why Ministry of Agriculture has banned import of live chicken older than a day.