Press release

Low-pathogenic avian influenza (AI) was confirmed by Chungbuk Cheongju (Musimcheon, Ganghwacheon) wild algae fecal inspection 2019.10.22 14:09:38 Defense Policy Bureau
Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food ( Minister Kim Hyun - soo ) is San Francisco, CA ( musimcheon , bogangcheon ) at 10.16 was collected one wild bird feces of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Office for the inspection results , 10.22 days jeobyeongwonseong avian influenza (AI) end with confirmation said that .

❍ Agri part jeobyeongwonseong avian influenza has been confirmed , blocked for strengthening quarantine for the area from the detected one 7 a day disinfection measures strengthening maintain explained that .

❍ In addition , the current migratory birds have arrived in earnest in the country in danger when that nation all the poultry farmers in ,

▪ net , fence , meticulous maintenance of hygiene facilities in all rooms and ,

▪ Thorough access control for personnel and vehicles

▪ Apply enough quicklime to farmhouse entrances and stalls

▪ Disinfection of roads inside and outside the barn and farmhouses daily

▪ barn Stars Boots ( shoes ) to wear to wear

▪ It is urged to strictly observe the rules of quarantine prevention such as visits to migratory birds and reservoirs .