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(AI) confirmed by the results of close examination of wild birds' feces, press release (3.25, distribution)

2019.03.25 18:03:08 Anti-Doping Policy Bureau

Economic concessions ( cheongmicheon ) , Paju ( gongreung thousand ) wild bird feces inspection results , jeobyeongwonseong avian influenza (AI) confirmed

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food ( Minister : yigaeho ) is the game Yong ( cheongmicheon ) and Paju ( gongreung thousand ) from 3.19 collected one wild bird feces inspection results for , 3.25 days jeobyeongwonseong avian influenza (AI) the final diagnosis to said that .

* Gyeonggi Yongin Cheonmi Stream : H5N2 type , Gyeonggi Paju Gyeongneung Stream : H7N7 type

❍ Agri part jeobyeongwonseong avian influenza has been confirmed by , for strengthening biosecurity for the area 7 keeps the day disinfecting strengthening measures and explained that ,

❍ present in migratory bird influenza antigen detection is continued risk that period as a national all poultry farmers in ,

▪ Full access control for passengers and vehicles ,

▪ Apply sufficient quicklime to the farm entrance and exit roads and surrounding areas ,

▪ Daily disinfection of inside and outside of the house ,

▪ Poultry boots ( shoe ) , disinfection ,

▪ Advised to strictly abide by the rules on blocking and abstaining such as visiting migratory birds and reservoirs .