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South Korea - Detection of low pathogenic avian influenza H7N7 in wild birds captured in Busan (January 30, 2019)

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    Press Releases

    Busan Saha-ku wild bird AI confirmed as low-pathogenic - Busan Saha-ku Wild bird AI Confirmation of low pathogenicity and release of wild bird's water forecast area -

    Agriculture and Livestock Distribution Division
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    Jeong Hong Suk
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    ◈ Pusan ​​City, 1. 23. Confirmed as a low-pathogenic AI as a result of the final inspection of wild birds captured in Busan Saha-ku ◈ Discovery of wild birds and disinfection for 7 days,


    Busan Metropolitan City (Mayor Ogdon) said on January 23 that it had been confirmed as a low-pathogenic AI (H7N7 type) as a result of a close inspection of the Ministry of Environment (National Institute of Environmental Research) on wild birds caught in Busan Saha-

    The city received notification from the Ministry of Environment (National Environmental Science Institute) on January 29th that the H7 antigen was detected as a result of the wild bird intermediate test captured in Utsukdo-do, Busan, Saga, (2) the number of the poultry farms in the area is limited.

    In addition, ▲ all poultry including poultry, ducks and other poultry farms in the prefecture area were promptly inspected and examined. ▲ In the case of the migratory birds (Eulsukdo) and nearby poultry farms, the poultry farms, A total of five vehicles were mobilized and disinfected daily.

    On January 30, the city will be released from restrictions on migration to poultry farms and poultry farms that have been set as 'Wild Bird Trees Area' due to the final confirmation by the National Institute of Environmental Research (PES).

    An official of Busan City said, "The antibiotics set in the area have been lifted due to the confirmation of the low-pathogenic AI, but the bird has been detected in the winter, and the AI ​​antigen has been continuously detected in wild birds. I will continue to conduct the poultry farmers, and I would like to strictly abide by the rules on the prevention of pests. "

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  • South Korea - Detection of low pathogenic avian influenza H7N7 in wild birds captured in Busan (January 30, 2019)

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    Press Releases

    Detection of H7-type avian influenza (AI) antigen in wild-caught wild birds of Suseok-do, Saha-gu, Busan

    2019.01.30 09:55:00 Anti-Doping Policy Bureau
    Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food ( Minister : yigaeho ) is Busan Saha Eulsukdo at 1. 23 days sampled wild birds captured samples for the Environment ( National Institute of Environmental Research ) in the middle of test results : 1. 29 days H7 type AI Antigen Detection today announced that .

    ❍ Accordingly agri-food portions AI Emergency Action (SOP) antigen by the center of the detected points ,

    ① radius of 10km the area " wild tide flow forecasting areas " set , ② birds that being local poultry and breeding for surveillance , inspection , movement control and disinfection , ③ migratory doraeji and nearby farms for biosecurity strengthened , ④ that municipalities a wide area, including Defense bangjegi vehicle total mobilization disinfected every day we take preventative measures such conduct .

    ※ It takes 1 ~ 2 days to determine whether the disease is highly pathogenic .

    In addition , Chungnam Gongju, Geumgang obtained from (1.23 days ) in a wild bird feces inspection results to the Ministry of Environment , 1.29 days jeobyeongwonseong AI a final diagnosis said that .