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South Korea: MAFRA:Gov confirms HPAI H5N6 avian flu in cats- December 31, 2016

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  • South Korea: MAFRA:Gov confirms HPAI H5N6 avian flu in cats- December 31, 2016

    Highly pathogenic strain of bird flu found in cats

    2016/12/31 14:07

    POCHEON, South Korea, Dec. 31 (Yonhap) -- A highly pathogenic strain of bird flu was discovered in two dead cats on Saturday, a provincial government official said, marking the first infection of the virus found in mammals in two years.
    The H5N6 strain of avian influenza (AI) which has infected chickens across the country was found in the bodies of the cats in Pocheon, some 46 kilometers north of Seoul, the official said, citing information from health authorities.
    The cats were found dead earlier this week some 2 kilometers from a chicken farm where the strain of the virus was first reported last month.
    It marked the first infection of AI in mammals in South Korea since February 2015 when the country reported the infection of bird flu in a dog.
    Health authorities said that they are looking at samples to verify whether they were infected with a more highly pathogenic strain of AI.
    "Even if it is the same N6 strain, there are some differences in gene structure," the official said. "We are awaiting test results."

    South Korea is struggling to contain the spread of bird flu that has led to more than 20 million chickens and ducks nationwide being culled since mid-November.
    Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, who also serves as acting president, called for all-out efforts to curb the fast-spreading avian flu.
    "We should swiftly carry out culling in affected areas while taking pre-emptive measures to prevent additional outbreaks of AI," he said at a meeting designed to discuss ways to control bird flu.


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    There is no case of cats spreading AI viruses to people"
    Announcement of Korean Cat Veterinary Society Position ... "Vague anxiety about the way cats is not right"
    (Seoul = News 1) Reporter Lee Byung Wook | 2016-12-31 18:13 delivery

    The Korea Cat and Veterinary Society (Chairman Kim Jae-young, KSFM) announced the admission of a cat suspected of being infected with bird flu in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.

    "This is the first time a bird has been infected in mammals since the AI ​​antibody was found in farm dogs that have been infected with AI-infected chickens on a farm in Cheonan, Chungcheong Province, in 2014," said the Korean Cat and Veterinary Society.
    AI is a serotype that caused human infections and deaths in China. In this situation, there is a growing concern about the human infection of AI viruses when it comes to cases of cat infections. "

    "But there is a very low probability that pregnant women will touch the feces of the cat and become infected with toxoplasmosis, and rather than infecting meat or eating vegetables that are not well-washed, there are more cases of infection with toxoplasmosis. "It is more likely to be infected when exposed to virus-infected wild birds or poultry than to infection."

    According to the Korean Cat and Veterinary Society, "Although there are cases of cats infected with H5-type AI in the CDC, there has been no case where these cats have transferred viruses to humans around the world." In order to prevent infection with avian influenza, "It is not right to not go to wild birds such as migratory birds, and it is not right to have vague anxiety about the cats."

    In the past 25 to 26 days, a cat and a cats kitten who were raised in a family home in Pocheon were found dead together.

    The H5N6 virus was detected in dead cat bodies. However, additional genetic analysis is conducted to determine whether the disease is highly pathogenic.

    According to the survey, about 10 people, including cat owners, were surveyed for infection by the public health center.

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock, the number of confirmed AI farms nationwide has increased to 297 by 30th. The number of chickens and ducks disposed of was 28.54 million. A total of 28,600 dogs will be counted if they add up to 60,000 preventive measures to be disposed of by suspected AI farmers.


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      Government (MAFRA) confirms testing of cats for avian influenza. Results expected today and/or tomorrow.

      2016-12-30 17:00:00
      □ 12.25 days, 12.26 days game Pocheon material was a house cat male one (12.25 days) in private homes and the way the kittens 1 (12.26 days) is found while mortality, 12.26 days the owner Report Gyeonggi Do
      - the way cats 7 (dams 1, cubs 6) is estimated to be that came looking to get the food to the homes of our house cat (male) and family relationships
      - our house cat male one was a sample is sent to the quarantine headquarters via the do, kittens are three of the six mortality (one of our already buried, that our two are scheduled to check in quarantine headquarters)
      * the rest live kitten 3 is scheduled to be sent to the quarantine headquarters of the capture was tomorrow today do, currently there trying to take the mother cat
      ○ suspected in Gyeonggi northern animal health laboratories as a result of avian influenza virus carried out a PCR test 12.30 days Gimcheon material is commissioned to overhaul the agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and quarantine office conditions, quarantine headquarters mechanics Research Team (2 teams) has been dispatched to the Fortune site survey is being
      planned out the results into tomorrow (12.31) for whether or not * as early as for the avian influenza virus type today (12.30), highly pathogenic
      in this regard □, the government has a disinfectant and human infection prevention measures and enforcing follow
      ○ agri-food section that local causes (Gyeonggi Province) measures to conduct a nearby street cat captured and overhaul
      ○ and Gyeonggi Province Center for disease Control were investigating whether the human infection through the public health against our cat contact, to preventive antiviral drugs prescribed hayeoteum
      - no doubt who signs up to now, Im planning to get active surveillance next 10 days
      there was a case of the * AI antibody detected in dogs in 2014 (press release 14/03/2014)


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        Posted : 2016-12-31 12:14
        Updated : 2016-12-31 12:14
        Highly pathogenic strain of bird flu found in cats

        A highly pathogenic strain of bird flu was discovered in two dead cats on Saturday, a provincial government official said, marking the first infection of the virus found in mammals in two years.

        The H5N6 strain of avian influenza (AI) which has infected chickens across the country was found in the bodies of the cats in Pocheon, some 46 kilometers north of Seoul, the official said, citing information from health authorities.

        The cats were found dead earlier this week some 2 kilometers from a chicken farm where the strain of the virus was first reported last month...


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          The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has classified 12 cat cadaveric contacts as high risk group and administered antiviral drugs and intensively monitors the symptoms for 10 days as the maximum incubation period. Until now, it has been reported that no one has symptoms such as fever or cough in the high-risk group.

          The disease management headquarters also said that the risk of human infection from cats is very low in the current state, but it said that it will implement preventive measures against human infection such as publicity warning in case of emergency.


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            I am worried about people and cats ... "
            | 2017/01/01 12:19

            (Pocheon = Yonhap News) Choi Jae-hoon told reporters: "This is what happens to the whole village on TV, I do not want to get bigger damage to people or animals ..."

            The news of the detection of the highly pathogenic AI H5N6 strain in dead cats did not hide the concerns and embarrassment of the villagers.

            The first complainant, A (57, female), said, "After the confirmation, all of the neighbors who have come in contact with the cat have not been able to go out and are eating only medicine at home." " No, "said the village atmosphere.

            Mr. A said, "The residents are very sensitive and the interviews are unlikely because the village is in bad condition because of the bad news (after the suspicion)," he said. "I hope the situation will be resolved without any problem."

            B (55), a neighboring resident, said, "I have a cat who has been taking care of me since I was a baby, and now I have a feeling that I will take medicine." "He said.

            The atmosphere of the nearby town was similar. Park, a 62-year-old resident of a village near the village of A, said, "When AI was developed and the chickens were getting stuck, the atmosphere in the neighborhood was not good. The residents of the sea are feeling nervous. "

            The Disease Control Center conducted a survey of AI-infected cats through a public health center and found that two of the animal sanitation laboratory staff members who contacted the cat were involved in capturing cats and 10 other cats.

            Twelve high-risk patients received the antiviral medication and seasonal influenza vaccine, and will monitor the maximum latency period of 10 days. No one had symptoms such as fever, cough and sore throat until the day before.

            "Although there have been cases of cats infected with H5N6 AI in China, there has not been any cases of human infection from cats infected with H5N6 AI,

            One male cat and one goat kitten that were raised in a Pocheon family house on 25th and 26th were found dead.

            The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock has confirmed that H5N6 has been confirmed as a highly pathogenic AI.



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              Government confirms H5N6 in cats:

              2017-01-01 17:00:00
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              Regarding one male cat ('16 .12.25) and one goat kitten ('16 .12.26) found dead in a family home in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi Province, H5N6 type AI confirmed in Gyeonggi Pocheon Cat High Pathology Confirmed '16 .12.25, On 26th, a house cat (12.25) and a catsling (12.26) were found dead in a house in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province.

              The animal health laboratory in Gyeonggi-do will send samples to the agricultural, forestry and livestock quarantine headquarters on December 16, 2010 as a result of suspected AI virus as a result of the inspection. .30 days Arrival and Epidemiological Survey of Epidemiological Investigation Team of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine Headquarters. Disease control center, Gyeonggi-do, Pocheon public health center, Yangju public health center Joint correspondence '16 .12.30 days H5N6 type AI virus check for the agriculture and forestry livestock quarantine headquarters '16 .12.31 days Confirmation of H5N6 type high disease incidence at the agriculture and forestry livestock quarantine headquarters □ The headquarters and the Disease Control Center confirm the infectious disease of cat infectious diseases at the 12.30 th of last year, and carry out the following preventive measures immediately. ○ Agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry quarantine headquarters ○ We carry out prevention measures such as disinfection of place of residence, ) Disinfection measures at the burial site ○ Inspection of the infection pathway and other companion animals (2 dogs) of the complainant The specimens are sampled and examined thoroughly while the animal is kept in the place of residence. ○ 2 animals (1 male cat, (1 out of 2), and 1 out of 4 (2 out of 3) offspring (2 out of 2) were found to be infected with H5N6 type AI on 12.31 of last year (4/16) is isolated in the northern animal sanitation laboratory of Gyeonggi-do (Korean cat cattle are kept in isolation) ○ Measures for catching and inspecting the surrounding road cats for disease prevention center ○ Cats - The result of conducting a contact survey through the public health center, the result of 10 contact persons including the cat owner and 2 animal health laboratory staff members in Gyeonggi Province who carried out the cats capturing in the region. 12 cases were classified as high risk. 12 patients were classified into high risk group. Anti-viral agents were administered to them, and inoculation was conducted for unvaccinated persons after confirmation of seasonal influenza vaccination. None of the 12 high-risk groups had symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat (related to infection with cat H5N6). The disease control group reported that cats infected with H5N6 AI were found in China, The risk of human infection from cats is very low, but it is planned to implement preventive measures against human infection such as promoting compliance with national preventive measures. * In 2016, a cat infected with H7N2 AI from a cat in the United States is infected. The government has requested the following people to cooperate with each other in order to prevent AI human infection ○ The general public refrain from visiting livestock farmers or migratory birds, Avoid contact with dead animals, wash your hands frequently for more than 30 seconds, and avoid touching your eyes with your hands. High risk groups, such as AI-farmers and fecal workers, should pay close attention to personal protective equipment and personal hygiene - If you have fever and cough sore throat within 10 days after participating in the work, immediately report to the Public Health Center or 1339 (Disease Control Headquarters Call Center) Prevention of entry into the farm and prohibition of livestock and companion animals to feed animal bodies. Avoidance of AI infection by frequent contact with wild animals or highly likely workers * * Veterinarians, animal shelters, wildlife rescue center managers, etc. □ (AI prevention and human infection prevention) The government works closely with the local government to thoroughly prevent AI infection of poultry, In particular, the Disease Control Headquarters will do its best to prevent the spread of H5N6 AI related high risk groups (farm workers, on-site manpower, etc.) in case of sporadic human infection, And the possibility of human infection is not high because of the low possibility of contact with the AI-producing farmers. ○ Even if a suspected patient develops,



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                Districts close hunting areas after cats with avian flu die

                Jan 03,2017

                Since two cats found dead in Pocheon, Gyeonggi, last week tested positive for H5N6 avian influenza, regional governments have been closing hunting preserves to stop the virus from spreading in the wild.

                A total of 11 cities and districts of the 19 areas that operate hunting preserves have shut them. Another eight preserves are operating, but officials have banned duck hunters in the area.

                The government also has sterilized farms and ponds within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of the areas where the two cats were found dead. Government officials confirmed the cats tested positive for AI on Saturday and said there is a rare chance of the virus spreading to humans. Officials said they are heavily sterilizing zoos across the country, many of them shut due to AI.

                ?There is a low possibility but still a chance of AI spreading to mammals accidently but there is a rare chance of mammals spreading the virus to other mammals as far as research shows, suggesting there is a low chance of the virus being spread to [humans],? an official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said Monday. ?We are still investigating how those cats became infected, but we don?t plan to cull stray cats at this moment since it can be a violation to animal protection laws because not every single one of them was found positive of the virus.?

                The Agriculture Ministry also said 12 people who were in contact with infected cats had no signs of the virus.

                "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
                -Nelson Mandela