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Service providers can not find manpower- Farmers dispose of trauma 'pain'

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  • Service providers can not find manpower- Farmers dispose of trauma 'pain'

    "Duck screams like a child is alive" Farmers dispose of trauma 'pain'
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    Dec 28, 2007 07:13

    Lost disposal ? Aftere ... Service providers can not find manpower.
    "Burying dead bodies like a mountain, to the birthplace of life ... You can not do it even if you get bigger"

    (Cheongju = Yonhap News) A, who was raising ducks in Chungbuk province, was out of the house while he could not sleep well until early dawn on the 27th. After returning to the house again without seeing the cold dawn air and repeating the exhilarating sighs around the empty duck barn again and again.

    Mr. A's life has been going on for over a month already.

    The memories of disposing of 7,000 ducks last month are not forgotten, but remain vigilant like a nightmare, harassing him. It suffers from a sleep that can not sleep at night.

    Mr. A said, "I feel sick when I sell ducks raised like pussy ... I do not care if I have all the ducks living on the ground." Anyone who has raised livestock knows this.

    Especially, the memories at the time of disposal are left as "trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder)" to Mr. A.

    Mr. A, who has been raising ducks for more than 10 years, experienced the first disposal of bird flu following the bird flu this year.

    "The whole of the house is full of ducks, and the situation at the time when the ducks were buried in heavy gear and buried in heavy equipment, sometimes still comes to mind, sometimes we have woken up from sleep due to a nightmare like a duck screaming" I appealed to suffering.

    Thinking about life in the future is more difficult.

    "I have been disinfecting an empty barn without doing anything for more than a month, but I still have not received a penny of compensation," said Mr. A. "Even if the AI ​​is finished, it will take four to five months to stock the duck. I am afraid that I have to live and eat. "

    Most of the poultry farmers who were hit by AI hit the streets like A as a result of after-sales disposal and economic damage.

    Not only farmers but also service workers and civil servants working on the streets are suffering from the disposal.

    Until 2014, most public officials were mobilized for the disposal of meat, but the after-effects such as trauma suffered seriously, and since last year, it has been commissioned by a service company specialized in the sale of livestock.

    But disposal companies are also having difficulties.

    For disposal, use a method that encloses the house and then injects gas such as carbon dioxide or raises the room temperature. If a chicken or duck that does not die in this way comes out, it will be disposed again. If you survive this process, you will have to go to a place where you can live and die.

    Due to the nature of this work, it is not easy to find the manpower to dispose of it even if you give it a chance.

    Mr. B, who participated in the flesh-and-blood disposal, said, "I touched the first duck I was born with, and after seeing tens of thousands of dead bodies piled up like mountains, my appetite went down for a few days, I recalled the situation.

    Because of the extreme work that is the object of escape, more than half of the workers mobilized for the disposal are foreign workers.

    An employee of a disposal service company said, "It is difficult to get a person to work even if you give 30 ~ 50% more per day to people through the labor market or manpower supply service company." "You can get the body out of the barn, Who would want to do the job of killing himself? "

    The official said, "Young people often work at a disposal site for a day and then do not come out the next day." In the end, they are operating a disposal site centered on foreign workers who do not have enough jobs to eat and live, .

    The size of a person is estimated to be about 700 to 1,000 pieces per day.

    The number of poultry that have been disposed of is 3.13 million in Chungbuk. It is estimated that more than 4,400 people are directly mobilized for the disposal of livestock, and the number is 3,100.

    Such a lot of manpower is needed, but the AI ​​is scattered all over the place and the disposal is not done in time.

    In the Voice group, 70 people were voluntarily participating in the disposal of the 24th ~ 25th since the work was delayed due to labor shortages.

    Public officials are also experiencing a number of difficulties with AI. It is the responsibility of the civil servants to operate the control station and to prevent it.

    The disposal should be monitored and supervised according to the manual. For this reason, the livestock staff, which is only about 10 people per municipality, are in a group of two to three people almost every day, and they are watching the disposal situation in every field.

    An official of Jincheon County said, "It is not easy to check the life of a dead person even if you do not kill yourself," he said. "I do not want to go to work on the day when the site input is taken."

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    Record Bird Flu Outbreak Haunts Culling Officials

    Posted on December 28, 2016 by Korea Bizwire
    SEOUL, Dec. 28 (Korea Bizwire) ? It has been over 40 days since the first report of suspected bird flu.
    So far, officials have culled over 27 million poultry, the largest number the country has yet to see, and although the outbreak is now showing signs of alleviation with fewer AI reports coming in, the situation is still expected to take some time to settle and for farmers to recover from its aftermath.
    Those struggling most from the record outbreak are of course the poultry farm owners, having to let hundreds, if not thousands, of their livestock be buried ? often alive ? in the ground, but this process is also haunting the farmers, quarantine officials, and outside contractors who have been carrying out the murderous process on a daily basis.
    ?A?, whose identity was undisclosed, owns a duck farm in Eumseong County, which is now empty of the very animals that used to stroll around in it. Some 7,000 ducks were culled from the farm, and the memory of culling the birds now haunts him.
    ?I raised them like my kids, and it used to hurt just selling them to the market,? he said. ?Imagine how I?d feel watching all of them get buried alive. Anyone who?s raised livestock would understand me.?
    ?A? started his farm ten years ago. But this was the first time he personally witnessed the culling, and he is now suffering from the traumatizing experience.
    ?The memory of the entire farm surrounded by dead ducks, and carried away by heavy machinery to be buried still comes back to me. I?ve even woken up from a nightmare hearing screams of the ducks.?
    ?A? is not alone. Same trauma now haunts outside contractors who have been out in the field slaughtering millions of AI-infected or suspected infected birds.
    The culling process usually takes place by sealing up a poultry barn, and injecting gas (i.e. carbon dioxide) or raising the internal temperature. If the birds survive the first attempt, the same process is repeated. The birds that fail to succumb to the initial culling procedures end up being buried alive.
    ?I raised them like my kids, and it used to hurt just selling them to the market,? he said. ?Imagine how I?d feel watching all of them get buried alive. Anyone who?s raised livestock would understand me.? (image: Yonhap)

    ?That was the first time I ever touched a dead duck,? recalled ?B?, who was recruited as a daily worker. ?After witnessing tens of thousands of dead animals piled on top of each other, I couldn?t eat or sleep properly for a couple of days.?
    Given the circumstances, culling is a job that most shy away from, and for this reason, over half of all personnel mobilized for the job are foreign workers.
    ?It is difficult to find workers even when they?re offered up to 50 percent in extra wages,? said an official from one of the culling contractors. ?They have to remove dead animals from the barns, and even kill the animals that survive. Who would want such a job??
    The official added that a lot of the recruited young workers end up not showing up after the first day of work.
    ?Eventually, it?s the foreign workers, who are most desperate for jobs, taking on the bulk of the work in the process.?
    Due to the lack of personnel, and given the severity of the outbreak, public officials have also been called in to the sites, not for the physical culling process, but to help with the quarantine efforts and make sure that all culling procedures are carried out as in the manual.
    ?Although I?m not partaking in the actual culling, monitoring a site where thousands are being killed is not easy,? said an official from Jincheon County. ?I wish I could just stay home on days when I?m expected at the sites.?