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South Korea - Media: Avian flu disinfection worker, 40, dies in home - investigation pending - December 27, 2016

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  • South Korea - Media: Avian flu disinfection worker, 40, dies in home - investigation pending - December 27, 2016

    AI emergency officer dies ... Extrapolation

    Died in a 40-year-old house for two months in office

    Enter: 2016-12-27 22:50 ㅣ Fix: 2016-12-28 00:04

    The day after ... Disinfection until 10 o'clock the day before

    A public servant who had been disinfected due to the spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) was killed in his home. At around 11 am on the 27th, Seongju-gun farming and civil servant Chung-mo (40) were found dead in a mansion room in Sungju-eup, Sungju-gun, Kyongbuk Province. At the time, Jung was reportedly dead in the bathroom.

    When Jeong did not go to work, a fellow employee went to the one room and opened the door with the help of the owner. Chung touched AI branch at 10:00 pm at the Agricultural Products Distribution Center of Sungju County on the 26th, the day before his death. Chung, who had been engaged in general agricultural work, not usual livestock farming, was reported to have worked AI organized on a three day cycle.

    My colleagues say, "Unmarried Jung lived alone in the studio. I did not drink alcohol frequently, "he said." It seemed like I had to work 42 hours in the past month and 45 hours in the past due to work at AI disinfection and sorting out the end of the year. "

    Jung went to the company late last year and was enthusiastically employed as a 9th grade official in November last year, his colleagues explained. Police are estimated to be natural, postponed to the point where there are no signs of extraterrestrial invasions or suicides, and they are calling their bereaved family members to investigate further details

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    12 hours a day Officials killed in AI work
    Chung Woo-young, Sungjoo-gun, Gyeongbuk
    Enter the article 2016.12.28 10:54

    [Hyundai Health News = Hye Hyeok Sook, reporter] On August 27, Jung Woo-young, a Sungjoo-gun farmer in Gyeongbuk Province, who had been working for 12 hours a day at the forefront of avian influenza pandemic, died.

    Chung Woo-young, a late, suffered from hard labor for more than 12 hours a day, but his duty was not neglected, and he was being asked whether he was dead due to overwork.

    Democratic Party spokesperson Lee Jae-jung said on August 28, "The incompetent government has made the nation's people afraid to buy an egg instead of preventing the outbreak of avian influenza, and only the public servants who are trying silently at Choi Sun-sun are being sacrificed. It might be a vocal clan, but the government's actions have been criticized, saying, "How will the majority of public officials lose their feelings of loss and how public distrust of the public societies will be reduced?"

    The spokesman said, "I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Jung Woo-young, who has devoted his whole life to the people's safety." "I hope the government will mobilize all available electricity to end the bird flu as soon as possible."


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      Host) Seoul Communication We are together. We hear news of human death from bird flu.

      Officials were found dead after a public service officer who was responsible for on-the-spot protection from bird flu cases. There was news of the field worker who was transferred to the hospital a few days ago by the overwork, but news of the bird flu scene that the death was caused by overwork today is news. The deceased is a 40-year-old civil servant member of Sungju County in Gyeongbuk Province. After the outbreak of the bird flu virus, it has been confirmed that he had been working for 14 ~ 15 hours a day until the day before he died. The prime minister, who is acting President of the Hwangsang administration, said that he was saddened and saddened about the accident, and urged him to do his utmost to ensure the safety of his workforce. The press pointed out that the management of the manpower at the disposal site, which was focused on infection concerns, was entitled 'People catching bird flu'.

      I think there are officials dispatched to the disposal site for chickens and ducks.

      It has been 10 years since the bird flu started in Korea, but until 2014, civil servants have been working on it, and civilian personnel have since joined. As we know, the bird flu outbreak between 2014 and 2015 has also caused enormous damage.In the worst case of bird flu death this year, a large number of soldiers are dispatched, a large reliance on civil service workers, and many of them are known to be foreign workers who need to check their nationality.

      It is very likely that you will not be able to thoroughly manage your workforce from prevention to fatigue.

      Reporter) The disposal site of chickens and ducks is more bloody than I imagined. The memory of the scene is said to be a nightmare and often suffers from insomnia. In addition to the anti-viral agent Tamiflu, which is prescribed to field workers, it is becoming increasingly pointed out that active management is necessary.


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        .... The Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency said that a cardiac aortic dissection, which is a kind of heart disease, was found after the autopsy of the body on August 28. It is caused by a tearing of the aorta connected to the heart. In acute cases, the death rate is about 25% within 24 hours. Chung is known to have no chronic disease....