Serious step-by-step AI ... Fear of a growing human infection
2016.12.22 13:00

"My body is weak and my head is sick. Is it an AI infection?" "Can I have chicken?" "Do you mind if I eat eggs at home with rice cake?" There are articles posted on one portal site.

The damage caused by the highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) is coming to a 'disaster' level.

The number of poultry that were dispossessed or disposed of at 19:00 on May 20 is 19,191,000, which is 12% of the total number of poultry raised in Korea.

Compared to the 194 million deaths in 669 days in 2014, the worst hit in history, the level has already exceeded and the damage is growing at a very rapid pace.

Because of this serious stage of AI, fear of human infection is growing.

■ There are more than 9,000 high risk groups.

These 9,000 high-risk groups are 9,183 people, including poultry-related workers and poultry meat disposal workers.

The health authorities said on Friday that 3,775 of the high-risk AI exposures were monitored, 5,248 were under monitoring, and all but one confirmed as a seasonal influenza patient were all negative.

The health authorities have sent a central epidemiologist at a 42-year-old disposal site across the country to prevent any human cases of AI infection, and they are taking preventive measures against human infection by checking antiviral drugs, personal protective equipment, and stockpile materials....