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S. Korea - 811 people at high risk contact to infected poultry being monitored and given anti-virals in Jeonbuk province - December 21, 2106

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  • S. Korea - 811 people at high risk contact to infected poultry being monitored and given anti-virals in Jeonbuk province - December 21, 2106

    The worst of the AI ​​damage ever happened ... to cover the fear of human infection
    Gimje Includes prevention and disposal of land 12,000 disposal of land in the province, 811 high-risk buried participants Participate in antiviral monitoring
    December 21, 2016 17:32:11 | Final approval: 2016.12.21 19:17
    Park Jung-mi

    A month after the outbreak of the bird flu virus in Chonbuk province, the number of poultry farming cases such as chickens and ducks has exceeded one million.

    In addition, as the AI ​​spreads rapidly, more than 800 people in the high-risk area, which is concerned about human infection, are counted, and it is decided to observe whether the infection symptom such as fever occurs for 10 days.

    Jeonbuk province said on November 21 that 17 cases were received only in Jeonbuk after the first report of a highly pathogenic AI on November 21 in Gimgam-myeon of Gimje city through a briefing on the anti-disease AI measures in the morning.

    Jeonbuk Province is planning to dispose of 681 thousand farms that are suspected to have occurred in suspected farms and surrounding areas and to prevent proliferation of 528 thousand people in the future.

    Among them, prevention of livestock intensive farming area around Gimje city pyeongdyeon about 500,000 to prevent the first frost is included to prevent the disposal.

    Jeonbuk Province's AI is distributed mainly in Jeongeup, Gimje and Gochang areas, and Jeonbuk province has decided to completely control access to Dongdong Reservoir, a new wintering season in Gwangdeok-myeon, Kochang-gun.

    In addition, it plans to collect 811 high-risk areas in Cheonbuk area including 616 participants in the burial process, 108 farm workers, and 41 response agents, and administer antiviral drugs to them according to the guidelines of the Disease Control Headquarters.

    I will keep an eye on the possibility of infection symptoms such as fever for 10 days after exposure.

    There is also a cancellation of the year-end and New Year events.

    Jeongeup City has canceled the Cheongwon One-horse Athletic Conference and departmental employee unity contest scheduled for 16th, and Kim Jae-shi decided not to have the event of Moachaku,

    In the same period, there were 222 cases nationwide, followed by Chungbuk with 76, followed by 72 with Chungnam and 30 with Chungnam.

    It is believed that this will kill or sell 28.85 million chickens and ducks in 406 farms.

    As the National Security Service recently raised the AI ​​crisis alert to a serious stage, which is at its highest level, on November 19, the government announced that it will conduct a 'joint checkup on the actual state of AI response' to eight cities and provinces and 27 cities and counties It is in a state of commencement.