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South Korea -Strengthening of Inter-Ministry response to cope with avian influenza after alert stage raised to serious - December 16, 2016

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  • South Korea -Strengthening of Inter-Ministry response to cope with avian influenza after alert stage raised to serious - December 16, 2016

    2016-12-16 10:30:00
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    Based on the deliberation results of the livestock pest control council, the government upgraded the crisis alert phase from the "border" stage to the "serious" stage on December 16 after consultation with relevant ministries.
    In the serious stage, ① AI continues to occur mainly in the west coast region (Gyeonggi, Chungnam North, and Jeonnam North), ② horizontal propagation (ansung-voice) confirmation between the regions, increase in the number of mares disposed of, ③ expansion of wild migratory birds, ④ The results of on-site inspection indicate that there is a possibility of occurrence in the concentrated area of ​​Yeonnam area.
    Accordingly, the government changed the "AI Protection Headquarters" to "AI Central Assistance Headquarters".
    The AI ​​headquarters is set up in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Livestock Foods, and the General Manager of the Food, Agriculture, Livestock and Livestock Food and Beverage Department is promoted to the Minister of Food Industry Policy and the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs, Ministry of National Defense, Disease Control Headquarters), Food and Drug Administration, and related departments.
    * Install basis: "Disaster and Safety Management Basic Law" Article 15 Paragraph 2 and "cattle disease risk management standards manual"
    municipalities in this critical stage upgrade to depending AI occurred municipalities to only install was "Regional Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters" All municipalities .
    It can cope with "regional disaster safety task force" has jurisdiction relevant agencies and the integrated and enhanced on-site quarantine system,
    attempts task force, and oversees the emergency quarantine measures, quarantine rules publicity, etc. According to the analysis, generated in vitro conditions occur and support,
    At the municipal headquarters, the disaster prevention, burial, movement control, disinfection, and forecasting will be strengthened.
    As the crisis alert phase is upgraded to a serious phase, the government will implement the highest level of preventive measures as follows.
    Control posts installed on major roads in the affected area and in the adjoining areas are extended to major roads throughout the country, and personnel and equipment are also supported.
    * Control post: 180 points (12.15 days basis)
    if necessary, the disinfectant has also implemented temporary closure of facilities, such as livestock feed mills and slaughterhouses, etc. *.
    * Livestock facilities: 295 places (48 poultry slaughterhouses, feed mills 247 KAHIS standards)
    may be taken and sent to the relevant heads of livestock such as postpone the election Defense Government Joint Assistance Unit of the measures necessary to attempt occurred.
    In addition, it is possible to carry out measures such as stopping and moving nationwide temporarily, prohibiting gathering of farmers (farmers related to poultry) nationwide. However, the precautionary stage has already taken these preventive measures in accordance with the serious stage.
    In order to strengthen the effectiveness of the sanitary measures, the relevant ministries will strengthen the on-site inspection and guidance, and will continue to support the central government.
    As a serious stage upgrade, poultry farmers are strengthening disinfection forecasts and thoroughly protecting farms such as out-of-home vehicles.
    The related workers should minimize access to the farm, and if it is inevitably visited, they should thoroughly protect themselves from the farm entrance and exit by wearing disposable protective clothing and disinfection.
    Poultry within a generation farm has to occur is discarded and slaughtered within 24 hours of being confirmed as H5 type and
    poultry feed sikyongran transport vehicles, 12 for a day visit on the farm action period of such chickens artificial Correction at December 16 initially month It has been extended to 30 days, so it must be strictly observed.
    In the case of edible flowers within the station, the designated vehicles for collecting edible flowers with GPS should be designated to be carried out through the transshipment field. However, washing and disinfection must be performed at the disinfection facility and disinfection certificates must be issued.
    The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Livestock Food and Beverages, the head of the AI ​​Center for Accidents and Crimes, urged the public to cooperate in order to prevent the spread of AI.
    Since disinfection and mobility control are inevitable measures to prevent the spread of AI, I especially emphasized that I would refrain from visiting poultry farms and accessing major migratory birds, even if it was somewhat inconvenient.
    Since all of the poultry on the farms are being disposed of or disposed of, it is safe to eat chicken, duck, and eggs that are on the market. Poultry meat is safe because it is cooked only because it is cooked and it is contaminated with AI virus.
    Finally, the government said it will be the first to implement the upgrade to a serious stage, and that it will respond to the situation so that it can be an opportunity to quickly end AI.