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S Korea confirms another case of H5N8 bird flu in ducks in Buan

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  • S Korea confirms another case of H5N8 bird flu in ducks in Buan

    ...Earlier in the day, another suspected case was reported from a duck farm in Buan, a county adjacent to Gochang, the ministry said.
    Quarantine officials confirmed the deaths of some 90 ducks in an on-site probe, and the remaining ducks are also showing AI symptoms, according to the ministry, adding that a DNA test is underway...

    ..But the case turned out to have no connection with Gochang as no trade had been made between the farms, the ministry said.

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    S Korea confirms another case of bird flu in ducks

    jan 19 2014

    Another case of bird flu confirmed

    An additional case of bird flu was reported at duck farms in South Korea, the second case in one week, raising concerns that avian influenza (AI) may have spread to other parts of the country.

    Tests showed that ducks at the two poultry farms in Buan, 280 kilometers south of Seoul, were infected with AI, but it was unclear whether it is the highly pathogenic strain, the agriculture ministry said. The final test results are expected later in the day at the earliest, according to the ministry.

    On Friday, South Korea confirmed the outbreak of the highly pathogenic strain of H5N8 in Gochang, 296 kilometers south of Seoul, the first outbreak of AI since May 2011. It culled some 21,000 birds at the farm.

    More: Korea Times
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      Re: S Korea confirms another case of bird flu in ducks

      Korea Times 2014-01-19 17:09

      The virus found at the Buan farm has the subtype H5, but it was not confirmed whether it contains N factors, according to the official.
      "Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights that must be our call to arms"
      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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        Re: S Korea confirms another case of bird flu in ducks

        Bird flu scare spreads

        Additional cases confirmed on two farms

        2014-01-19 20:35 <table style="margin-top: 10px; width: 600px; margin-bottom: 10px" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td></td></tr><tr><td align="left">Spraying equipment is used to disinfect wild birds at a reservoir in Hampyeong-gun, South Jeolla Province on Sunday. The authorities suspect that migratory birds may have provided the source for the avian influenza outbreak in North Jeolla Province after a large number of Baikal Teals were found dead in the region on Friday. (Yonhap News)</td></tr></tbody></table>
        The government on Sunday confirmed that poultry from two duck farms in Buan, North Jeolla Province were infected with avian influenza virus.

        There are now three duck farms with confirmed cases of the virus.

        ?The case reported on the 17th has been confirmed as the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain,? Kwon Jae-han, director of livestock policy bureau at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs said.

        As for the farm that reported a suspected AI case on Saturday, it has yet to be confirmed whether the infection is caused by the same strain.

        Kwon also said that poultry kept at farms located within a 500 meter-radius of the concerned facility are being slaughtered.

        ?At present, there are no other reported cases, and there are no reported cases of the strain found in Buan infecting humans.?

        The first case was reported on Thursday on a farm raising ducks for breeding in Gochang, in the same province. The case in Gochang was confirmed to have been caused by the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of the virus.


        The discovery comes hours after the Agriculture Ministry issued a temporary standstill on the poultry industry in the Jeolla provinces.

        The measure, which took effect at midnight Sunday, restricts the movement of poultry, industry workers and equipment for 48 hours.

        ?The standstill has been issued as suspected cases were reported from Buan after the confirmed case in Gochang, which is close to South Jeolla Province,? Agriculture Minister Lee Dong-phil said in a briefing on Sunday. He added that the measure was considered unavoidable if the latest outbreak of AI was to be contained.

        Saying that the government was doing its best to eradicate the virus, the minister emphasized the safety of poultry products in circulation.

        ?The poultry found at AI-infected farms are strictly regulated, and have not been distributed in the market. I stress that the public can consume poultry products.?

        According to Kwon Jae-han, the standstill is set to last only 48 hours and unlikely expand across the country.

        ?(Expansion of the measure across the country) is limited to when a national outbreak is deemed likely. At present, it is considered that (AI) spreading across the country is unlikely,? Kwon said. He added that an order to slaughter the birds at the Buan farms has been issued.

        He also said the standstill measure was not issued to the Chungcheong provinces, where ducks from the Gochang farm were distributed, as there is no risk of horizontal transmission.

        The ministry, however, appeared to be unsure of the relationship between confirmed AI cases and the death of migratory birds in the area.

        On Friday a large number of Baikal teals were found dead in a reservoir located about halfway between the farms in Gochang and Buan. The Baikal teal is a migratory bird that winters in Korea and nearby countries.

        The authorities have collected carcasses from the reservoir to determine the cause of death.

        While Kwon said that migratory birds? feces are suspected to be the source of the contagion, another ministry official indicated otherwise, citing a case from 2005.

        ?About 50 dead birds were collected. About 200,000 birds came this year, and about 100 have died. In 2005, about 30,000 Baikal teal had died, and it was not AI. It is likely to be a similar case,? an Agriculture Ministry official in charge of treating animal diseases said.

        Kwon rejected criticism that the ministry?s preventative measures have been lax, saying that farms were instructed to step up related measures.

        Prior to the latest outbreak, Korea was hit by AI four times, most recently in 2011. At the time more than 3 million poultry were slaughtered.

        In 2008, 3.45 million birds were slaughtered due to the virus, at a cost of around 32 billion won ($30 million).


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          Re: S Korea confirms another case of bird flu in ducks

          <TABLE class=board_viewstyle01 summary="조류인플루엔자(AI) 발생에 따른 대응 상황 게시물의 이름, 담당부서, 등록일, 조회수" closure_uid_815950585="145"><CAPTION>Avian influenza (AI) in the corresponding situation occurs</CAPTION><TBODY closure_uid_815950585="144"><TR><TD style="TEXT-ALIGN: right" class=news_date>2014-01-19 17:10:00</TD></TR><TR class=thead><TD style="TEXT-ALIGN: right"></TD></TR><TR class=view_content closure_uid_815950585="143"><TD title="Post content" closure_uid_815950585="142" _gt_dwuzxffddl77="1">

          Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock in a Jan. 17 report suspected of broiler duck farm in Buan-axis precision survey of the doubt in the first occurrence of highly pathogenic, such as flatulence farm AI (H5N8 type) was confirmed, Jan. 18 for suspected cases reported yet Precision investigating, said there was no report in addition to the additional question.

          caused to follow up on the farm and the farm is reported to proceed smoothly, occurs within 500m radius of the farm and the farm to buy and dispose of (6 farm nine full capacity *) are completed and one Report May 18, to live on the farm for the preventive and disposal is currently underway in the area for movement control and quarantine measures are strictly enforced, he said.

          * farm flatulence occurs in one place, flatulence occurs near the same farm and poultry farm owners 1 places of occurrence Buan Farm (1.17 days reported) in one place, Buan generation farm (1.17 days notice) within 500m radius of the farm in three places as well as flatulence, followed by health authorities in Buan-type AI H5N8 occurred in the world who has found cases There is no other person in the country, causing infection and death by type H5N1 serotype H7N9 type with a different AI said.

          According to the survey results also occur Ministry farm reservoirs around our body is found in thousands of wild birds Marie is also saying that the actual estimated 100 horses, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock in to pick up the bodies of our headquarters inspection and quarantine inspection referred to as the current proceeding, he said.

          Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock (Minister yidongpil) are today the ones so 0:00 jeonnambuk and Gwangju region activated by livestock and poultry workers and the associated temporary access for vehicles moving said stop command is underway.

          dong action, depending on the local governments and the livestock farmers and SMS notification, moved Install expansion and control checkpoint traditional markets business interruption action, and organizing the implementation jeomgeomban also said that during a regular inspection. However, the patient, feeding, etc. But, there is no attempt to approval of the chief engineer of Veterinary Quarantine sterilization was ever possible before moving the appropriate action.

          jangchagwan part of the agri-food area by visiting jeonnambuk temporary stop command to the mobile activities such as sterilization and disinfection if properly implemented and spot checks jungyimyeo, jeonnambuk and Agri-Food Department officials today in Gwangju Implementation dispatched to check on the nation's quarantine measures are also said it plans to check.

          Agri-Food Department officials stopped moving and this action is Failure to do so is not interrupted, it is the purpose to spread AI vehicles that are likely to restrict the movement of people from one state to conduct a powerful disinfectant for disinfection and would urge again emphasizing its implementation was thorough.

          </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!-- board_viewstyle01 끝 --><!-- add_files 시작 --><TABLE class=add_files summary="조류인플루엔자(AI) 발생에 따른 대응 상황 게시물의 첨부파일 링크" closure_uid_815950585="137"><CAPTION class=none>Attachments</CAPTION><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 77px"><COL></COLGROUP><TBODY closure_uid_815950585="136"><TR closure_uid_815950585="135"><TH scope=row>Attachments</TH><TD closure_uid_815950585="134"> 18_1_ 0119 ai corresponding situation (briefing). Hwp
          18_2_0119 (MOE) AI Action Press (brief reference materials). Hwp
          18_3_ (Ministry of Health and Welfare) _H5N8_AI_ cases of human infection _ not _ I _ world _ (brief reference materials). Hwp

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            Re: Authorities open probe into possible bird flu in the wild

            S. Korea confirms bird flu in migratory birds

            2014/01/20 10:19

            SEJONG, Jan. 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korea on Monday confirmed the presence of avian influenza (AI) in a group of migratory birds found dead last week, suggesting a possible cause for the recent infection of birds at poultry farms and raising concern that the infection may spread further.

            Tests were conducted after some 100 migratory birds were found dead at a reservoir in North Jeolla Province in the country's southwest over the weekend, following an outbreak of AI at several duck farms. Three bird flu cases, including two confirmed cases, have been reported at poultry farms in Gochang and Buan, all in the vicinity of the reservoir.

            "Though we have yet to have a definite diagnosis, it (the virus) is highly expected to be of a highly pathogenic strain, which might explain the source of AI virus that affected the duck farms in Gochang and Buan," the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said in a press release.

            The virus found in the migratory birds has been confirmed to be the H5N8 strain, the same type that affected the birds at the duck farms located some 300 kilometers south of Seoul.
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            "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
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              Re: S Korea confirms another case of bird flu in ducks

              Translated from Chinese with Google

              Han also stained birds Baikal Teal H5N8 virus

              Latest update: 11:10:32

              (Central News Agency reporters in Seoul on the 20th姜远珍Reuters)

              South Korean Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock, said today, after Jeonbuk Gochang, Buan-gun also appeared highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, the 18th and found dead in a collective reservoir Gochang Donglin Baikal Teal migratory birds also carry avian influenza virus H5N8. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" reported today, epidemic prevention departments speculated that highly pathogenic avian influenza virus of winter migratory birds painted face ducks flying into the Korean peninsula, and over the air defecation and other ways to spread the avian influenza virus high possibility. According to reports, South Korea Veterinary Science Research Hospital, stakeholders said that due to the strong immunity of wild birds Baikal Teal bird flu virus, the immune system is less than Baikal Teal feeding chickens, ducks may be infected.

              South Korean government to prevent the rapid spread of highly pathogenic avian flu, has ordered Gwangju, North Jeolla, South Jeolla Province (province) area from at 0:00 on the 19th to start within 48 hours "prohibit moving." Given the 69% of South Korea's national distribution in the whole duck farm Ronan, North Road area, livestock practitioners and vehicles in the area prohibit access to farms outside.

              According to reports, "No move to make." Applicable livestock industry, including workers and their families a total of 13.7 million people, prohibiting movement of livestock industry also has 20,000 vehicles, people and livestock industries unrelated to this prohibition is not affected. According to South Korea, "Domestic Animal Infectious Disease Control Law" amendment, since February 2012 began the trial of the action. The Gochang Buan-gun and avian flu, the first start. If the violation of the ban will be at 1 year in prison or a fine of 5 million won.

              South Korea "prohibited mobile order" to start a 48-hour effective, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Food extended once within 48 hours. South Korean livestock vaccination protocol will hold an emergency countermeasure meeting this morning, the bird flu epidemic prevention work and whether to extend the "prohibited mobile order" to discuss, and to strengthen the habitat for migratory birds and other prevention work to exchange views. 1030120

              "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
              -Nelson Mandela