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Medical inspections will be stepped up for travelers entering Korea from bird flu-hit nations.

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  • Medical inspections will be stepped up for travelers entering Korea from bird flu-hit nations.

    Inspections Strengthened Amid AI Cases Abroad
    Thursday, December 11, 2008 08:42:34

    Medical inspections will be stepped up for travelers entering Korea from bird flu-hit nations.

    The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that they will more thoroughly inspect travelers upon their return from these regions. The move comes as a multitude of human cases of bird flu infection have been reported in Hong Kong and Vietnam in recent days.

    The disease control centers urged travelers to such regions to refrain from visiting poultry farms and markets where poultry products are sold.

    Meanwhile, quarantine officials in Hong Kong have culled 80-thousand chickens within a three-kilometer radius from a site where 600-thousand (edit should say600) chickens suddenly died after being infected with the virulent H5N1 strain.

    Twenty human cases of bird flu infection have been confirmed in Hong Kong, with seven of the cases resulting in death.

    Cases of bird flu have also recently been reported in Vietnam, Thailand, India and Laos.

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    Re: Medical inspections will be stepped up for travelers entering Korea from bird flu-hit nations.

    Translation from Arabic

    Korean government decided to strengthen inspections and checks on passengers coming from countries where cases emerged from bird flu.
    The Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention today that it will carry out a comprehensive examination of travelers from those countries.
    The move comes after the increase of cases of bird flu in Hong Kong and Vietnam over the past few days.
    On the other hand, the quarantine authorities executed 80 thousand chickens died at the site where 600 chickens suddenly after being infected with the bird flu type "1 to 5 H," and within a radius of 3 km from this location.
    Has been confirmed with the disease 20 injured in Hong Kong died, including seven cases.
    It showed cases of the disease in Vietnam, Thailand, India and Laos


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      Re: Medical inspections will be stepped up for travelers entering Korea from bird flu-hit nations.

      Translation from Korean

      Stop the spread of human infection, health authorities AI tension ...
      2009-01-09 08:46:35 msn transfer Mobile Transport
      Six days in China, AI (avian influenza) known cases of infection and death in domestic surveillance enhances AI infection in humans.

      Late last year, Hong Kong, including the quality byeonggwanribonbuneun AI travel to the countries that continue to occur if human infection of AI urged caution. 80,000 farm chickens in Hong Kong, a group of suspected lung and the Dead Sea AI AI domestic and overseas tourists and domestic immigrants are likely to yuipdoel.

      7 on the Disease Control Division, who died in China, AI infection cases are being reported, a lot of the AI caused human infections in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Southeast Asia was a warning to tourists.

      The 2003 SARS quarantine room Zero (SARS) based on the hard chirwotdeon measles and SARS, and the AI is nervous about the cause of the group. The recurrence of SARS, the flu does not guarantee that no human infection with symptoms similar to the AI and strengthened surveillance is difficult to judge.

      Quarantine byeonggwanribonbu be gimtaek support team "to monitor and manage overseas tourists, especially from China, Vietnam, and against tourists in Southeast Asia more than 38 ℃ and the severe fever and sore throat, and observe patients carefully," said "In yet AI has not been reported cases of human infection, "he said eight days.

      According to Kim, head of communicable disease surveillance tasks such as AI in 13 locations with a total of 330 domestic quarantine inspection of the person is going. Large number of domestic tourists and 74 people into the Incheon Airport, Incheon, 32 people into quarantine, the quarantine has 49 people working.

      When you pass through quarantine a total of 54 real-sensing infrared camera is located. Heat through the camera that I have a different color or immigrants to separate out the sound signal involves monitoring the process.

      Choi from China nearly a Chinese tourists to the front of the case is under examination. Usually the majority of travelers stuck in the infrared camera proved that making a cold or the flu. Or birds in quarantine because of taking cold medicine in many areas of research and went out, the average temperature measured 3 times to determine whether more than 38 ℃.

      Even if you do not see signs in quarantine over the whole country of people from overseas within a week, more than 38 ℃ fever is suspected, the patient namyeonseo AI will report to the Regional Public Health said.

      Health authorities raised the foreign tourists to the farm against the AI and the action is to refrain from visiting. Health officials and quarantine authorities have strengthened the mutual cooperation under the AI monitoring. Human infection and Welfare, Food and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division, is responsible for the movement of infected birds AI.

      AI does not occur within countries and, if you had a report from the farm end to Play well and should be compensated. Of bird feed, to slaughter chickens for laboratory block transportation plan. As usual, the random chicken, duck farms regularly, make sure you check out AI will be the hospital.

      AI human infection and disease management deal with the overall public health crisis response team headquarters sinsangsuk team "in foreign countries due to AI infection, and death and the body than usual, sensitive to the domestic side," while "about 2% of the population in the last year was only about 5% to hangbayireoseuje bichukryang has expanded this year, "he said.

      AI human infection and preventive measures are put in a reserve hangbayireoseujewa protect the corridor. Tamiflu for 25,000 people and won a hangbayireoseujeneun will be expensive. The UK, U.S., Japan and other developed countries at 20% of the total reserve, saying hangbayireoseujereul Korea has plans to expand across the bichukryang gradually.

      10,001 infected with AI in overseas travel into the country or the AI-infected patients or in groups AI human case of infection with this group is also preparing isolation beds. AI patients in the country for Disease Control Headquarters have probable cause is installed in each region. National Medical Center, hospital army. Mokpo National Hospital, Jeonbuk National University Hospital and 100 beds in total isolation beds in the emergency operation that will be installed.

      Meanwhile, the Korea National Tourism Organization due to a worldwide economic recession in Japan in the other hand, domestic travelers increase in tourist numbers last year and was similar or slightly lower.