Despite S.Korean reports, source says no word of bird flu in North Korea
"Multiple signs" of spread of bird flu in the North: S.Korean government
JH Ahn

January 13th, 2017

A source who regularly visits the DPRK and recently entered the South has said they have not heard any news that avian influenza is spreading in the North, despite reports in South Korean media claiming an outbreak has taken place in South Pyongan Province. “Only time I heard about it was at arrival in [South Korea],” a source who regularly visits the DPRK and recently entered the Republic of Korea told NK News. “We were asked to report if we have been in a country recently that was listed according to several diseases. DPRK was listed due to avian influenza.”
South Korean media reported on Thursday that avian influenza, also known as bird flu, hit North Korea a month ago, resulting in the lockdown of a farm which rears poultry intended for Pyongyang elites.
A South Korean government spokesman on Friday said there are “multiple signs” that the flu was spreading in North Korea, but has stipulated that it is “still in need of additional confirmation”.
In South Korea over 27 million birds have been culled since an outbreak in November 2016, with the numbers of infected continuing to grow.
But as of Friday, North Korean media has remained silent about whether or not the country is suffering from the epidemic...