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N Korea taking steps to prevent spread of bird flu

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  • N Korea taking steps to prevent spread of bird flu


    North and South Pyongan Province Taking Steps to Prevent Spread of Bird Flu
    Health authorities from North and South Pyongan Province are currently taking steps to prevent the spread of bird flu throughout the region. Doctors and clinicians from regional health centers are going house to house and are conducting surveys to get more information on the actual state of the current situation. These medical workers are checking to see if households raise birds such as chickens, ducks, and geese, and if they do, they are trying to find out detailed information about how many birds are being raised, if the birds have exhibited strange symptoms, and what types of diseases have been contracted. Also, these officals are concerned about whether any family members, especially children, have contracted high fevers, and check to see if any family members have recently traveled. Upon completion of the survey, the household is given an official stamp of approval if no suspicious conditions have been found.

    Government Requests Vigilance Concerning Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease and the Bird-Flu
    The Ministry of Health issued directives throughout the country that urged vigilance from the citizenry in detecting any cases of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) and the bird-flu. In response to this directive, Neighborhood Units throughout the country are educating the public on the symptoms and the causes of these diseases and are teaching the citizenry about the preventive measures against them. However, no specific mention was made about where cases of these diseases have been reported and how many casualities have taken place.

    Report includes detailed descriptions of the effect of famine on schools and children and the impact of TB among members of the military.
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